finals while studying for MCAT

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Nov 3, 2008
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oki so i have 2 finals on monday and a final tommorow. I have been studying every single day( i took 1 day off on thanksgiving) and have been averaging 2-5 hours a day on the mcat(depending on how much hw I have had but usually 3 hrs a day). Well for the last month everything has been great and my grades and school have been good but now this week is finals week and my question is. I am studying for the january 31'st mcat, if I took sat and sunday(and possibly monday) off from studying for the MCAT and just studied for my 2 exams is this gonna really mess up my studying? I am ALMOST done with my content review, Im taking a kaplans internet course. I have PHYS III, GEN CHEM III, ORGO III, and VERBAL III left. I finish a whole section in a day. Heres the twist, my kaplan membership expires midnight december 22nd. so im in a perdicament cause i want to be able to take as many practice tests for the exam and i was on my way to being able to take 30 practice tests(one every other day) until exam day. I took the diagnostic exam b4 the class starts and i pulled a 14. I just took the second diagnostic after finishing the first 2 sections of each subject and pulled an 18(not so great I know but i ihave 2 whole months left, so im not THAT worries.....yet). I have 3 more left b4 completing the course. I am hoping I can renew my subscription cause i took the actual mcat in sept and pulled low 20's. so now my subscription is running out. do you think kaplan will renew it with thier higher score gaurantee? cause i didnt pull what i had wanted 2. also i might end up taking 1 of my exams on tuesday(i can take it either day) cause theres so much material on them (im in comparative anatomy 1 exam is 4 lecture 1 is on the cat, so much to memorize). here are my options and cliffnotes cause it seems that i have now wrote a novel.

option 1: take the lab exam tuesday and lecture exam monday, dont touch an mcat book, friday, sat, sun, mon and try and ace your exams and you will probobly not have as many practice tests for the mcat because your subscription is going to run out OR

Option 2: study your 3 hours a day along with studying for your exams so that way you can get in as many practice exams as possible while you still have your subscription. However you may not pull a great score on your anatomy finals.

Option 3: pray to god kaplan will renew your subscription because you took the mcat and fullfilled all the requirments of the course and are still unsatisfieid with the score:). I have heard of them charging people 500(which i cannot afford) bucks to extend the online service. I dont care about content because i have a few examkracker books @ home but i am more concerned with access to those practice tests. 22 exams is ALOT of practice and thats what i need considering i only took 1 practice mcat going into the last which was a huge mistake. so what should i do?

I had 2 finals this week already for 1k level courses so they werent that big of a deal but this weeks a little more time consuming. will not studying for the MCAT for 4 days really mess me up here? i even put in a leave of absence from my job so that i could really study for this thing and not worry about work or anything. I have everything on the line for january 31'st. also i plan on studying literally 8 hrs a day over break. (6 weeks long we finish up dec 10th and start again jan 22nd.) so im at a loss.

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Jan 31 is way too far away to worry about skipping days of MCAT studying right now.

I took whole weekends off from MCAT studying 3 weeks from the test.

Taking a few days off from the MCAT studying will actually be a good thing.

Get your online membership renewed using their gaurantee. And dont even think about the MCAT until your finals are over.
Your priority should be your finals. Worst case scenario MCAT-wise, you don't do well. In this situation, you simply retake. You cannot, however, retake your finals. Hence, make sure your GPA is safe by studying for your finals.

You should delay your MCAT if you think you won't have enough time. NEVER take the MCAT if your practice scores aren't -2 away from your target. In other words, if you're aiming for a 30, try to get a practice score average of 32 to give you a buffer.
wow, thanx for the advice and i am definitly gonna concentrate on my finals. once imi idone then ill hit the mcat review books up