Sep 24, 2019
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I don't know what to do here.

To be brief, I have about 63k in loans from my first undergrad, without interest, that pushes me above the aggregate limit for undergrad. I had no idea I took these out until after the fact, but given my original career I guess I should have been able to pay them off easily.

I am now beginning a postbacc with mixed intentions for research in the event I don't make it into med school. I believe I can meet the credit hours needed to bring my GPA up to a 3.0 through 90 hours or 6 semesters including summer, averaging 18 credit hours during fall/winter and 12 in summer.

My state school I am completing them at is around $5750 average a semester, and $4500 in the summer.

The total is around 32,000 I estimate.

School starts in a month and I'm hitting a wall. I do not know how I am going to take out loans at this moment. I don't even know how I'm going to live.

A long story here, but I've been waiting over a month for an amendment to my credit score so I can try to take out private loans. My credit score would be maybe above 700-715+ but my mother who managed the loans had been mistaken for when they were due. As a result, they called her, emailed her, and sent as much notice as possible that they were coming up, but until maybe 3 months past the forbearance period which was about 6 months past my final credit hours where they were considered delinquent.

I had surgeries 3 months after my final credits/internship course, so at the time I thought the payments would be arranged to be pushed back and was calling at that 9 month point to make sure they were still in medical deferment. It never was taken care of on our end, because of the mistake in when they were due. They were put into deferment then, and we thought all was settled.

Fast forward a couple months ago, I realize my credit score was tanked about 75-100 points because of 45 delinquent loans reported in months 6 and 7 of that period. I'm pissed, call back, they said we need documentation to our credit department to appeal the report, and my mother said she would send the letter in and it would take about a month to go through.

For the last month and a half I've been barking trying to figure out where I'm going to live and figure out my loans needed, waiting for the credit score to change checking almost daily for progress.

It never got sent. And I blame myself for putting it in someone elses hands that this gets done.

At this point school starts in less than a month. I will not be able to get private loans without a cosigner I imagine and I have NOONE to cosign.

I'm applying to jobs but am definitely worried about working and going to school with that credit hour load. ~30 hours of work as a project coordinator trying to manage a lab and then adding at least 10 hours or so of data analysis or shadowing/scribing would be my goal, with some bartending added in for 15 hours a week too.

I already know I'll be burnt out with just the classes, I have no idea otherwise how to swing it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks ahead of time.


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Dec 26, 2010
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This is my advice, even though it sucks. Private educational loans are bad news. You don't want them. Little or no deferment, little or no forbearance (example: monthly fee per month of forbearance), no graduated repayment plans. If the monthly payment is, let's say, $400, then that's what's due, and too bad if you can't pay it. I know this because I had the bad judgment to take out private loans to pay for nursing school. I'm not sure it will qualify as the biggest mistake of my life when I look back at age 95, but for now, it's definitely in the running.

If you have maxed out your undergrad Staffords/Federal Direct Loans, I highly recommend that you pay for postbac classes out of pocket. You have time to work and save. I was 37 when I started med school.
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