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Dec 23, 2017
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Hello everyone!
I just finished my first semester of college with 19 credits and a 3.71 GPA. My classes and grades were:
Honors Biology: A-
Bio Lab: A
Chemistry: A-
Chem Lab: B+
Calculus: B
English: A
French: A
College 101: A
I’m a triple major in English, French, and Biology, I’m a member of a pre-med fraternity(DEM), I helped found and am the VP of my school’s rhetoric society, and I play first violin in the orchestra. In January I’m going to France to study global healthcare, I’m applying for some hospital volunteer and research opportunities this summer and I’m joining my school’s EMS next semester and possibly working as a peer tutor. I know it’s early on, but can anyone recommend anything else that I should be doing, and if this sounds like a successful applicant’s first semester? I’d appreciate any advice so much. Thanks for reading!

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Oh, okay! I’m new at this. Can you recommend a proper place to post it? Thanks!
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