First Time Observing PT

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Jan 10, 2024
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I am shadowing a PT for the first time this Monday and was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips or advice. I will be shadowing an outpatient that typically deals with sports rehabilitation for athletes. Any pointers or good questions to ask would be greatly appreciated thanks! :)

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Check with the PT beforehand on what their rules are. A big one is whether or not you can ask questions in front of patients or if they'd rather you wait until the patient isn't around. Try to remember to keep questions based on the PT profession (what do you like/dislike about the job? etc) rather than questions about treatment. If you end up going to PT school, you will learn all about treatment in school. The point of shadowing is to decide if being a PT is for you, not learn how to be a PT. Try not to monopolize all of the PT's time. Remember that they have notes to do, doctors to call, bathroom breaks to take, etc., and they are doing you a huge favor, but still need time for other things. Good luck!