1. Meganerd2012

    Struggling with finding shadowing

    I’ve been looking for shadowing opportunities for the past year and have had no luck. I’ve cold called/emailed/gone to offices with a cover letter and resume, asked my PCP, and contacted Graduate Medical Education offices as well. I’ve gotten an opportunity to help a physician with physicals...
  2. J

    First Time Observing PT

    I am shadowing a PT for the first time this Monday and was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips or advice. I will be shadowing an outpatient that typically deals with sports rehabilitation for athletes. Any pointers or good questions to ask would be greatly appreciated thanks! :)
  3. Zukosnips

    Should this be labeled as clinical experience or shadowing?

    So I initially started shadowing a plastic surgeon. However, over these past couple of weeks, I’ve been helping them with minor procedures in clinic like retrieving gauze, help tape removal on stitches, place a vibrating beauty bar on patients faces during Botox/filler, suctioning smoke from...
  4. Mr.Smile12

    Shadowing checklist video: like and share

    I did post in the premed forum, but the suggestion is meant to be interprofessional too. Please view, like, and share. What you should learn from your shadowing experience.
  5. Mr.Smile12

    Like and share: Shadowing

    Please view, like, and share. What you should learn from your shadowing experiences (interprofessional perspective)
  6. B


    Incoming MS1. Hi guys. Im honestly really unsure what kind of medicine I wanna do. I am okay waiting until rotations to verify bc I know a lot of people say its hard to know know until you get full exposure. I've never solely shadowed, I've only worked as an MA. Which fields do you suggest...
  7. DavolaDevito

    Need HELP deciding between SJSU or Cal Poly SLO for premed as a biology student

    Pros for SJSU: close to home (can commute ~15 mins away), slightly cheaper tuition, in the center of various hospitals and medical centers (might be too competitive to get a spot) Cons for SJSU: not highly competitive for premed, ranked slightly lower (big fish in small pond?), will have to get...
  8. lachea7223

    How to classify a caregiving experience in the application?

    Hi everyone! I recently spent four months,12/7, in the ICU and LTAC to care for both of my grandparents. I'm unsure which category this would be under since it is only like a semi-clinical experience per se, but more of a shadowing experience or moral obligation. I did spend tons of time...
  9. J


  10. DaGingerbreadman

    Is Experience Abroad worth it?

    Hello all, This is my first post on this type of platform, lemme know if its not tagged properly or in the wrong place or somn. I just graduated from undergrad bio/premed in the states. For the last three years I've been resident in England. I'm a dual citizen. My initial plan was to attend...
  11. The Pre-PT Club

    Know your settings!

    If you've been in the Pre-PT game long enough you know that getting a variety of observation hours in a number of settings makes your application look good. What I've found many Pre-PT's don't know however, is what exactly a different setting means & what to do with this information. According...
  12. S

    Shadowing a physician multiple times

    Hello! If I shadow the same physician on more than one occasion, should I be sending a thank you note after each time? Thanks!
  13. lialalala

    Medical Assistant vs. Medical Scribe

    I have clinical experience working in a big hospital watching hospitalized patients for 8 hours a day. Although I built great clinical experience, I do not have "shadowing" experience because I never worked beside doctors so I was planning to do a scribe job. I found a few places looking for...
  14. lialalala

    Does it matter which scribe experience I have?

    I worked in a big hospital last year as a patient assistant that I was able to have a lot of experience in a hospital environment. But I was staying in a room with hospitalized patients that I was not able to shadow a doctor, so I decided to do a scribe for shadowing experience. A few places...
  15. A

    Proof for Shadowing?

    Hey guys! I've been shadowing a surgeon this entire summer and this is my last week. I wanted to know how we should document our shadowing hours as proof to show on our medical school apps. Should I ask the surgeon to write me a letter that acknowledges the amount of hours that I've shadowed at...
  16. S

    Am I too behind to realistically apply for the upcoming AMCAS application cycle?

    Hello, I was hoping to get some opinions or advice (maybe words of encouragement?) regarding my situation. I am currently a Junior pursuing Pre-Med, but I have yet to take the MCAT and have had trouble finding a physician to shadow (especially with the restrictions due to the pandemic the past...
  17. D

    Do I need shadowing?

  18. H

    About to write some shadowing letters, should I direct the letter to the practice or to the physicians themselves?

    Hello everyone, I am a senior in college trying to get some last minute shadowing under my belt since COVID pushed me behind. I was advised by a classmate to write letters to small practices instead of trying a hospital. However, I’m not sure if I should write the practice as a whole or the...
  19. N


    I am a Sophomore at my university now, wishing to pursue Medical School in the nearby future. I have been actively trying to collect every single shadowing experience I can and thanks to my husband contacts (he is a FM resident), I have been able to get some hours. So far I have shadowed a FM...
  20. Doctoscope

    Cannot for the life of me find a DO to shadow

    I live in a pretty large pop. area, so I thought it would be fairly doable to find a DO to shadow... but boy am I wrong right now. I was able to shadow 2 MD physicians, and even work for one, but I cannot for the life of me cannot find a DO physician to shadow. They're all either too busy, not...
  21. A


  22. H

    General Admissions & OTCAS Difficulties finding OT observation/volunteer hours in NYC?

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of applying to OT grad school. I feel like my application is very weak right now since I don't have volunteering experience. I've been having difficulty finding a place to allow me to volunteer or observe, I'm guessing due to the pandemic and all. I'm currently in...
  23. M

    Advice On Shadowing Doctors

    Good day, I promise I'll make this short and worth your time. My name is Hayley. I'm a rising junior and I'm on the pre-med pathway. It has been a rough year with the pandemic and opportunities and challenged but I'm making it work. I have a quick question because I appreciate the input of...
  24. cocacola162004

    Need guidance or any tips

    Hi I am looking to get some guidance or help regarding my current situation. Any help will be greatly appreciated :) I graduated from McMaster university (Ontario, Canada) with a 3.59 cGPA BScN degree. I feel like my GPA is not competitive so I am intending to do another undergrad for 3-4...
  25. Lo&Behold

    Dental Assisting/Shadowing Hours

    Hey everyone, so I was lucky enough to get around 30-40 hrs of hands-on work assisting when I shadowed my dentist. It wasn't all the time, but I still got a really great experience and a decent amount of my shadowing hrs (140 total) consist of me assisting. My question is should I separate those...
  26. G

    Seeking Psychiatry Shadowing Chicago Area

    Hello, I'm seeking psychiatry shadowing/clinical opportunities in the Chicago area. Loyola University Chicago explained that we need to set up shadowing on our own during post-bacc. How do people go about finding these opportunities, and are there specific opportunities anyone can recommend? I...
  27. B

    International Medical Aid Shadowing

    Hey all! I recently stumbled across the IMA website and I was wondering if anyone has heard about it/knows if it is legit. I have some shadowing experience in the US, but I wasn't able to go abroad in undergrad so I thought this might be a good way to do both abroad work and get some clinical...
  28. mgma.2124

    Which vet schools currently take into account virtual shadowing, internships?

    Apart from Michigan State, which vet schools count virtual shadowing, internship hours?
  29. theRatWhisperer

    Incoming OMS-1 - When to Shadow?

    As I prepare to enter medical school in July, I’ve started to think about potential specialties. I know the match is years away, but the idea of not being 100% sure of what I want to do for the rest of my career when the time comes to submit applications scares the crap out of me. My research...
  30. D

    Summer after sophomore year...reject internship offer?

    Hey everyone, Currently about halfway through the my sophomore spring semester, and have applied to some internships. I ended up getting accepted by one, which is a genetics data-curation internship that contributes allelic information to an online database. I accepted the offer, because I...
  31. B

    Observation hours during covid?

    How is everyone getting their hours during covid?! I know some schools are being "lenient", but I only have ten signed hours and I don't think that will cut it. I switched to PT right before covid hit but I want to apply this summer. I have more hours from 2017 but I do not have them signed...
  32. LeahKesley

    Volunteering/job shadowing during a pandemic

    Hi, I’m really curious to see if there are pre-vets out there who have tried volunteering during this pandemic. Not very few vets were available for shadowing in my area, and I want to start as soon as possible. Are there any virtual shadowing options?
  33. fishbonez

    Dental experience vs dental shadowing

    Hi! This may seem like an easy question and has been answered multiple times, but for the life of me I can’t find an answer. As I look at dental schools that I want to apply to and those with shadowing requirements, schools like NYU and BU, have a 100 hour shadowing requirement. Most of my...
  34. G

    Shadowing Overseas

    Hi guys! Although I’m a US citizen my family resides in Italy so I tend to spend my summers there when I’m not attending university in the States. My question is, a lot of my shadowing hours were conducted with an Italian dentist rather than a US based one. I plan on shadowing a dentist in the...
  35. A

    Advice for Shadowing Doctors/Clinical Experience during the pandemic

    Hi, I am a junior planning to apply to medical school in the next cycle. Due to COVID-19 I wasn't able to volunteer/shadow last spring and this summer as planned. I only have about 50 clinical volunteer hours from the previous summer and no other clinical experiences. I am aware that I need more...
  36. T

    Are these stats enough to get me into UAB?

    I feel like I'm just trying to shout into an echo chamber & begging for reassurance at this point but these are my stats: GPA: 3.62 OAT: 290 AA; 270 TS (I scored over 300 in 3 of the categories but my abysmal 220 physics score brought down my overall scores by a lot) To further elaborate, I went...
  37. P

    DO Shadowing COVID-19

    Hello, I live in the Bay Area and I am looking to shadow a osteopathic physician. I understand that with COVID-19 this has become more difficult. I have shadowing experience as well as a lot of clinical experience however this was 95% with an MD. I am reapplying to osteopathic schools and would...
  38. Perchperkins

    Is it still worth asking doctors to let you shadow them during a time like this?

    This question may seem silly but I guess it’s worth asking. I’m an incoming sophomore premed student. In my freshman year I was just getting into volunteering but since COVID happened, we got sent home and the hospital suspended volunteering for a bit. Now that we are going back to college for...
  39. P

    Pre Secondary Screen for Shadowing

    Hi I have a unique situation. I had issues with my work/activities section failing to save and had to re-do the entire section. The majority of my shadowing experiences have been as components of other experiences (for example, I worked in an dr's office and also shadowed that doctor as part of...
  40. M

    Advice for Shadowing Doctors

    Hi, I'm a rising sophomore on a pre-med path and I was wondering if anyone has any advice for shadowing doctors. With the pandemic taking place I was going to focus on shadowing as well as volunteer work in my area. It would be my first time shadowing doctors and I don't exactly know what I'm...