Formal post-bacc versus DIY post-bacc advice

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Jun 30, 2019
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Take at a 4year a-la-carte make more sense (cheaper). The decision is really not that hard to make.
Did you finish all your upper course work since you were a bio major?
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Which pre-reqs do you have left, exactly? That might help.
Seems like you've done a good chunk of the prereqs already. I agree that you wouldn't qualify for the career changer and/or academic enhancement programs. Pursuing a DIY post bac to finish off your prereqs is your best bet. Good luck
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Definitely a DIY. Why spend an extra $20000 for courses you already took? You can take two semesters part time to knock out physics, the rest of ochem, and biochem. You might need a few other classes depending on the school, but DIY seems cheaper and faster for you. Your GPA is already good and you likely won't qualify as a career changer since you have done more than half of the prereqs.
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I have a question about completing my prereqs.

A little background: I graduated in 2016 with a degree in math and biology (wasn’t premed). Due to a variety of reasons I’d rather not get into now, I’ve decided I want to attend medical school. However, I’m in sort of a funky situation as to how to complete my pre reqs. Because of the bio major, I did take several of the pre med pre reqs (intro bio, gen chem, some ochem), but I didn’t complete the entirety of the requirements.

My options to complete the pre reqs right now are

  1. Formal post-bacc
  2. Take one-off classes at a CC/local 4 year college

If I do decide to do the post-bacc route, I’m not sure what category I would fall in because even though I’m a career changer, my undergraduate course work means I have some science background. This seems like it’s a disqualifies for several programs. I’m also don’t really fall into the academic record enhancer category because a) I haven’t finished my prerequisite classes and b) my undergraduate GPA was on the higher side (3.7+).

So my question is if I want to complete my prerequisites, should I complete them through a formal post-bacc or does taking them at a community college/4 year a-la-carte make more sense?

Ideally, I would like to do the post-bacc route due to the structure of being in school, the academic support system, and the potential linkage options, but I feel like I’m not appropriate for either type of post-bacc program so that’s why I’m wondering if a different option makes more sense.

Any advice would be appreciated!
Formal post-bacs are more for career-changers. Do either a DIY post-bac, or an SMP, preferable at a med school with some sort of linkage.
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