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Hi medical students!

WHO: YOU! Medical students of all levels from across the nation, even around the world!
WHAT: FREE Chicagoland Radiology Expo to learn about Radiology & Radiation Oncology
(Sponsored by Chicago Radiological Society and supported by American College of Radiology)
WHERE: Online, from the comforts of your own home! Via Zoom
WHEN: SATURDAY, November 14, 9am to 2 pm CST
HOW: Register online now at for a chance to win great raffle prizes on the day of the event!

  • Keynote speakers Drs. Richard Gunderman (IU SOM Professor of Radiology) and Geraldine McGinty (ACR President)
  • Plenary session by Dr. Andrea Birch (Vanderbilt Professor of Radiology) on Diversity & Inclusion in Radiology
  • Subspecialty sessions, including on hot topics such as Artificial Intelligence
  • Panels on Underrepresented in Medicine; Women in Radiology; Application Pearls; and Practice Opportunities and Work/Life Integration
  • Interactive case-based educational component, including Jeopardy
  • One-on-one speed advising, including with current/prior PDs!
Please e-mail [email protected], or chat us via the website link above!

Feel free to check us out on Facebook for updates Chicagoland Radiology Expo


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