1. D

    Which imaging to evaluate for "a venous obstruction amenable to percutaneous angioplasty and stenting" in acute or subacute Budd Chiari?

    Can any of the following imaging modalities visualize "a venous obstruction amenable to percutaneous angioplasty and stenting" in the hepatic veins and IVC? US of the abdomen with grayscale, color Doppler, and spectral Doppler technique MRI of the abdomen, without and with 10 mL IV VUEWAY...
  2. U

    MD Specialty decision: IM vs radiology

  3. J

    Core Teaching Opportunity for Senior Residents

    If you know anyone who might be a great fit, please forward this opportunity! Our team is 6 years old, and we have achieved tremendous success across multiple advanced medical exams. This position offers compensation of $150 per hour. Requirements include a strong passion for teaching radiology...
  4. M

    Interventional Radiology Electives Advice

    I'm currently a third year medical student looking to apply to integrated IR and will probably apply to DR as a backup. So far I have done my psych, IM, and peds rotations, and am working on building an elective plan for fourth year. I don't have a home program, but was wondering if anyone had...
  5. whatsthepoint

    M4 - Am I crazy if I drop ortho after interviews?

  6. R

    Gap year before advanced position

    I am a current TY resident, I went unmatched in radiology last year but matched into an advanced radiology position this year which will start July 2024, leaving me with a gap year. I'm unsure of what opportunities would be available for me following my 1 year of TY training. My main goal is to...
  7. Naijaba

    PSA: GPT-4

    I haven't posted here in nearly a decade, but the latest breakthroughs in AI/ML deserves an awareness post for future trainees. In 2016, radiologist were aghast when Geoffrey Hinton (one of the pioneers of the current AI era) said, "We should stop training radiologists now." If you were starting...
  8. C

    Survey on Radiology Resident Selection Process, Interview Formats, More

    The University of Louisville Department of Radiology is conducting a timely IRB-approved survey on the current Radiology resident selection process, with particular emphasis on the various interview formats. The survey also addresses the impact of the change in Step 1 scoring and attitudes...
  9. T

    Case banks/OSCE materials from your program

    Would anyone be willing to share some of their study materials from their programs? We have oral exams and I'm looking for some case banks or Powerpoints with cases. I already use the casebooks but would appreciate some other material (powerpoints, whatnot).
  10. B

    Advanced programs starting pgy2 in 2021? Radiology

    Hey all, Long time viewer, long time member, rare poster. As I'm shotgunning radiology programs that I may have a shot at, I noticed a program that looked new. So naturally I got over to it's page and they say they are matching a PGY2 position for 2023. So, I go back to ERAS, and the listing...
  11. P

    Position Swap PGY2 DR/IR swap. Looking for NYC positions

    Im currently finishing up my prelim surgical year in PA. Looking to swap for radiology position to NYC.
  12. H

    Low-tier community Radiology program

    USMD Matched at a low-tier community program. I am now worried about my job prospects, fellowship placement with regards to IR fellowship given the increased competitiveness of this cycle, Also just worried about the education I will receive at this program and how Ill be viewed moving forward...
  13. I

    IR/DR Rank List Help

  14. iobu


  15. T

    Fellowship that pays well/Future jobs

    I'm looking for a fellowship program (don't care about subspecialty, all the same) that would pay me well. I know the ACGME programs will lock the salary at PGY6 level. I guess I am more interested in the non ACGME ones. Is there any fellowship program that would appoint you at Clinical...
  16. M

    Applying for Diagnostic radiology this cycle, need some advices and help please

    Hi all, I’m a 4th year from low-tier med school. I’m planning to apply for DR this year. My brief summary of app as follows: I’m a US army veteran. Did bunch of volunteers during med school. 4H and 2HP during Clerkships. Published couple case reports and submitted two radiology paper to RSNA...


    RADSTEP is the only comprehensive course which covers the entirety of radiology image interpretation for the USMLE & COMLEX exam. 3 MONTHS OF UNLIMITED ACCESS FULL ACCESS TO COMPLETE VIDEO LIBRARY OVER 7.5 HOURS OF KEY CONCEPTS FOR BOTH USMLE AND COMLEX EXAMS OVER 1 HOUR OF NORMAL RADIOGRAPH...
  18. rashmile

    Life Skills Seminar for Medical Students and Residents

    Hey y'all, Rad BootCamp is putting on a session this Saturday, 5/8/21, @ 2 PM focusing on Life Skills that would benefit any medical student or new resident. We'll have some experts talking about Managing Finances, Managing your time, Having Difficult Conversations with Colleagues, and...
  19. P

    What kind of research should I be looking to do for best matching success?

    M1 - My research interests are in Psychoradiology, realistically speaking I don't know if I would be able to get involved into this sort of research while in med school. I know this field is new and probably needs a lot of effort, which I don't mind placing. Yet, I am interested in getting some...
  20. H

    Position Available Open Nuclear Medicine Fellowship Position

    The Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City has an opening for a one-year Molecular Imaging Fellowship (NON-ACGME) to start on July 1, 2021. Candidates should be board eligible or certified by the American Board of Radiology and/or the...
  21. insaiyan-premed

    Step 2 CS discontinued

    Hello, I wanted to know how this would impact Pre-DO students like me who plan to mainly go DO schools as non-trad reinventors. I know PE is still there but w/ Step 1 P/F and Step 2 gone how would I make the case of being competitive for say Rads or EM. I know it's way early thinking about this...
  22. dioxane

    ranking IR programs

    hi everybody! i'm about to wrap up this interview season and need advice on ranking IR programs. with the virtual nature of everything this year, it's been tough to get a true feel for each place, and the clinical quality of many programs seems comparable. i'd appreciate any insights you have...
  23. R

    Can you apply to DR with only an IR sub-internship on your transcript?

    Hello and thank you in advance for answering my questions! MS3 here - I recently enjoyed a short rotation in DR and IR and am starting to think about residency applications for next cycle. I'm sold on Diagnostic Radiology but haven't ruled out IR yet. I now have to decide what kind of...
  24. B

    FREE Virtual Radiology Expo - Come connect with PDs and faculty!

    Hi medical students! WHO: YOU! Medical students of all levels from across the nation, even around the world! WHAT: FREE Chicagoland Radiology Expo to learn about Radiology & Radiation Oncology (Sponsored by Chicago Radiological Society and supported by American College of Radiology) WHERE...
  25. B

    MD & DO FREE Virtual Radiology Expo - Come connect with PDs and faculty!

    Hi medical students! WHO: YOU! Medical students of all levels from across the nation, even around the world! WHAT: FREE Chicagoland Radiology Expo to learn about Radiology & Radiation Oncology (Sponsored by Chicago Radiological Society and supported by American College of Radiology) WHERE...
  26. S

    Thoughts on DR/NM combined residency?

    Hi all, hope you're doing well. I'm an MS4 currently applying into rads and was wondering what people's thoughts were on the (relatively) new combined 16 month DR/NM pathways available at some institutions? Is it worth it? Does it make you marketable? Can you practice DR and NM? I think it...
  27. A

    NYC + Chicago Radiology Residency Programs

    Hey Guys, I am an MS4 applying to Radiology this month. I realize there are multiple threads regrading radiology programs in Chicago (Rush, U of C etc) but all the ones I could find are at least a few years old. Having said that, previous residents have posted and have regarded some programs...
  28. S

    Mount Sinai Radiology Residency Open House; 9/23/20 | 6pm EST

    Hello everyone! Hope you're staying safe! Please see the flyer here (or attached pdf) for the virtual open house for the Mount Sinai Radiology Residency Program--the event is scheduled for 9/23/20 at 6pm. This is a great opportunity to meet residents and program directors at Mount Sinai if...
  29. U

    UCLA Radiology Residency Virtual Meet & Greet - Join us on Oct. 1st & 8th from 6-7pm PST

    Happy Wednesday everyone, hope everyone is having a great September so far! Our UCLA Radiology residency program is hosting two upcoming virtual sessions for prospective applicants interested in learning more about our program. These will occur on October 1st and 8th from 6:00-7:00 pm PST. We...
  30. J

    Mount Sinai West Radiology Residency Q&A!

    Come join faculty and residents of Mount Sinai West Radiology Residency for a zoom chat! Open to all questions! Register at Welcome! You are invited to join a meeting: MSW Radiology Residency Q & A. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.
  31. insaiyan-premed

    Cardiology or Radiology match rate?

    Hi, I'm curious as to how the two (rads and cards) are match friendly to DOs. I'm most likely going to end up at a DO school and wanted to know how hard would it be to get into IM then a cards fellowship or to get into a radiology program, especially w/ step 1 being p/f. Preferably would like to...
  32. DysonPhilips

    Questions for the experienced radiologist...

    Good evening, I've developed an interest in x-ray sources and imaging techniques. There is a lot of great information out there but I feel there is gaps in my knowledge of the subject. Below I included a list of questions for anyone to answer. I don't expect one person to answer them all so I...
  33. H

    Other _

  34. J

    Best IR rotations in the USA

    Hello, I am a Canadian medical student interested in applying for a 1 month rotation in the US in IR. I don't know much about US radiology programs, so I was hoping to find some help here. I am VERY interested in interventional oncology, so I'll ask my question in 2 parts: - what are the...
  35. D

    DR vs. ESIR vs. IR as it relates to subinternship/prelim years

    I know there is information about the changes to DR/IR programs in various forms all over the internet and I've read most of them. I am trying to understand what the correct choices are for a student who is interested in radiology and possibly IR but not ready to commit fully to an integrated IR...
  36. D

    Thoughts on Stand-Alone Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Detection in Mammography?

    The topic of AI in radiology has been discussed on this forum in detail. Is this new study an update to that discussion or just more noise? Stand-Alone Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Detection in Mammography: Comparison With 101 Radiologists
  37. R

    Matching West Coast DR

  38. G

    Applying Prelim alone vs Prelim+Rads

  39. D

    Consequences of misses

    I have seen many people mention on this board and in other discussions that a major factor in their hesitation to pursue or regret after choosing radiology is due to the constant fear of missing something on a read. I am considering radiology very heavily as an MS3, but I know that I am a...
  40. S

    FREE Interventional Radiology Conference - SIR 2019 in Austin TX!

    On behalf of the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR), we would like to invite you to attend the SIR 2019 Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas on March 23 - 28th, 2019 for FREE. Interventional Radiology is a patient-centered specialty that provides minimally invasive image-guided diagnosis and...