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    I have years of experience working in Central America, and have been accepted at a medical school there. I have chosen to study in CentAm because I will be able finish school without an extreme debt burden, thereby allowing me to practice in underserved areas without worrying about salary. My conumdrum is thus: I have virtually no funding sources as I cannot utilize the USFed Govt student loan programs at my school.
    Does anyone have any information about how I can strategize my funding options, and whether or not there are groups that are willing to help fund physicians who agree to do free care in impoverished areas of the third world upon completion of medical school (run-on sentence..sorry)? I am hopeful that my dream of practicing medicine in Central America will not be hampered simply for financial reasons. Thank you very much for any and all responses.
    By the way, I am starting a fledgling non-profit organization that will eventually be up and running in Costa Rica as a free health clinic. Please periodically check out:

    My intent is to serve as medical director once I complete med school. The only hurdle is an economic one at this point. Thank you for your suggestions...
    Hopeful Tropdoc
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    If you wish to travel a path but there is no road, start cutting down the debris and paving the road yourself.


    Get that non-profit happening pronto. Find interested people. Make a power point and turn page presentation of your vision. Get yourself in front of people. Sell the vision. Keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it. The world is literally made (and made better) by people who envision new things and high things, and work hard to see them fulfilled, despite many slammed doors and setbacks. But people do indeed buy visions. Those inclined to give seed money may be inclined to plant it first in you, even as loans, to be medically trained. A great book is called "Instoppable" that shows people who paved new ways.

    You have been envisioned with this for several years now. I think it is time to go all out, or go another way. And you will never know whether you could have suceeded unless you go all out first.

    Keep us informed.

    P.S. There are several med school in Latin America with very cheap tution that do get Staffords. Universidad del Noreste (Mexico) and Universidad de Este (D.R.) are two of them. Check C.R. law and see if you can graduate from one of these, and whatever other reqs., then practice there.

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