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Oct 3, 2001
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::update to the below post - his account has been closed::

I am sorry that posts from a certain person have been so insane and innane to cause upset here.

To let you know, the administrators have contacted this person and will keep an eye on things.

I am going to delete the posts that have nothing to say in reference to the thread. The way I feel is that this is a big livingroom and people that were so insulting would not be allowed to continue and sit in the middle of the room just blurting out their comments.

I do not like doing this and it makes me very unhappy, but since I would not allow myself or my friends to be insulted in person, I will not allow it here either.

There are rules that you agree to when you initially sign up with SDN and they outline unacceptable behaviour.

Email me privately if you would like to comment on this though I will be out of town for a couple days although an administrator will keep an eye on you all ::wagging finger and giving the hairy eyeball::.

Take care and many smiles,