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Feb 5, 2008
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Hello. This message is meant for any PT or PT student who would like to gain experience with an Interventional PM&R/Pain/ Sports Medicine Interventionalist.

I am a physician that is part of a large multidisciplinary Pain Management group. We are opening up an office in the Detroit metro area. As a PM&R physician, we work closely with PT/OT/SLP, etc.. It is important for all of us to understand what one another is capable of, and how each individual specialty approaches is auiestio, We aren't Dien thebthen HuBobby the same problem.

For this reason, I am offering a rotation unpaid, internship for PT students or recent grads. In this you will learn
how a PM&R doc assesses the patient - including obtaining a medical history & understanding which data is relevant, performing a physical exam, ordering diagnostic tests, reading films, etc..
The selected applicant will also have the opportunity to join me in the procedure/surgical suite.
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