1. A

    VIRMP Timeline Help

    Hi everyone, I’m a third-year veterinary student, and I’m a bit confused about the VIRMP application timeline given that there are multiple separate deadlines. I have heard that it would be beneficial to do a week-long externship at hospitals I am interested in applying to. My question is...
  2. J

    What happens if you don’t reach 25% of your internship hours as direct client contact?

    Hey all. Coming from an anxious intern, i have a site where I am not particularly close to 25% hours from a site being direct client contact hours, as opposed to support or supervision hours. The state in which I am planning to be licensed, Washington, has the following criteria under thier...
  3. R

    APA internship applicant with past disciplinary action

    Hey everyone. During my therapy practicum, I was placed on a corrective action plan, which I had to report on my APPIC internship application. I am worried that sites will automatically discard my application when they see my explanation. Under the disciplinary question, I spoke confidently and...
  4. M

    Supplementing courses for poor curriculum in neuropsychology

    Hi folks! I have two questions pertaining to an upcoming internship cycle. I am a 5th year graduate student in a clinical science program applying this year and am realizing that relative to sites that have dedicated neuropsychology tracks (i.e. U of Florida etc), my university's curriculum is...
  5. S

    Internship Vacancy for 2023 - 2024

    Just in case anyone is still looking for an internship placement for the 2023 - 2024 year, there is a site at a major hospital in Baton Rouge, LA that not only pays a high stipend ($30,000!!), but it also provides housing for free in your own apartment. Unfortunately, the site is not APA...
  6. D

    Beware of Hawaii Psychiatry Residency

    University of Hawai'i Psychiatry Residency is risky because of its legal structure, culture, and recent history. Legally, it is unique because residents are employed by a corporation known as Hawaii Residency Programs. HRP is employed by the University of Hawaii. This gives the program...
  7. garima dabas

    Which University should I opt for ?

    Hello fellow students and doctors, I am an Indian veterinary graduate. I want to learn and explore other countries as well.... the techniques and skills I can learn from different parts of the world. I currently am looking for some post-graduate programmes that can help me in clinical training...
  8. B

    Job Posting for Jersey Shore

    Hi All, I posted about our predoctoral internship a month or so ago. We are significantly expanding psychologist job opportunities. The positions are with Hackensack Meridian Health which is one of the major hospital companies in NJ. The positions will be with Jersey Shore University Medical...
  9. L

    PhD/PsyD Great predoctoral internship opportunity in NJ

    Not APA accredited. Great pay. Message me for more info!!
  10. O

    Question about striving for longevity in research experience?

    Hello all, Background: I am a rising second-year undergraduate student studying biochemistry at Berea College. I aspire the career of a physician-scientist. I am currently at my summer undergraduate research internship site (the Aspirnaut program at Vanderbilt U. Medical Center). I enjoy the...
  11. P

    VIRMP internship package

    Hey guys, Does anybody know approximately when VIRMP positions send out their detailed information packages (which you have matched with through the match or through open positions)? Like if the position starts in the beginning of July, typically when should you expect all the information...
  12. O

    Considering internships for the future as an aspirant physician-scientist

    Hey all 👋, I’ve posted in these forums a couple of times, but I wanted to gain some potential advice or pointers on where to apply for undergraduate summer research experience. I currently have an internship position for summer 2022, Aspirnaut/Hal Moses Research Program at VUMC, which would be...
  13. asukaran

    Non-VA intern programs that offer both neuropsych and non-neuro rotations?

    I am an international student and thus I am not eligible for applying to VA programs. I don't think I will have a competitive number of neuro reports for applying to a neuropsych track either. Btw, what is the average number of neuropsych reports for students who apply for a neuropsych track...
  14. PHDtobe_

    Applying to clinical psych internships this year, current pending DUI charge (from 2021) versus convicted DUI?

    I (25 y/o female) made a dumb mistake and drove home after going out last year (feb2021). I had a few drinks, on an empty stomach after working all day, and ignorantly thought that if i stopped drinking by 10:30ish I would be good to drive by 2. I really had no knowledge of BAC and how long it...
  15. CatMomExtraordinaire

    Small Rotatings: Need help deciding

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to decide between my top two for small rotating internships (with eventual exotics specialization being the overall goal). Does anyone have any input between Garden State Vet Specialists in NJ vs. Metropolitan Vet Hospital in Ohio? They are fairly comparable on paper in...
  16. R

    SA Rotating Internships - NY/NJ/CT, OR/WA/CA

    I'm a current third year making my clinical schedule right now. I have two blocks in which I want to do externships at sites where I would like to make a good impression for the match. However, the most important aspect of an internship for me is not something that can be found on the VIRMP...
  17. P

    PhD/PsyD APPIC Internship Site & APA site visit

    Wondering how folks feel about applying to an internship site that states they are currently accredited until Jan 2022, and have their site visit then. They don't say anything about how long they've been accredited for, or how confident they are they will be re-accredited. I really like the...
  18. S

    Applying to Canadian Internship as an American

    It has come to my attention that both US and Canadian sites are listed as available for match on the APPIC directory. Neuropsychology is my area of specialization and there were a number of neuro internships in Canada that really caught my attention, but I wasn't sure as to the true feasibility...
  19. cdo96

    2022 VIRMP Match

    Me three days ago: “there’s no way I’m going to do a residency, I’m already so tired and ready to go into practice” Me on October 1st: “I should do a residency” Is this a mistake? Probably, but this could be fun.
  20. Waimea_OA

    PhD/PsyD VA Internship Telehealth/Telework

    I'm at a VA site for internship. We're not yet approved to do either telehealth or telework from home but we're still seeing patients 100% on VVC (need to be on-site at the VA only to engage in remote work). It's a pretty inefficient system that also requires a fair amount of risk in traveling...
  21. Ellaji

    Other Is USMLE Step 3 going away?

    Some physician graduates have been urged to complete Step 3 before applying for internship or residency but is Step 3 going away? Since USMLE Step 2 CS has been discontinued, should USMLE Step 3 be the next board exam to be discontinued?
  22. P

    Any Pre-Doctoral Internships Starting in January 2022 in Canada?

    Hello All, First time posting. I was accepted via APPIC post-match to an internship in the States as a Canadian student. My school's liaison for connecting visa says they have to get clearance from State Department. The clearance hasn't come yet in order to process my paperwork. My internship...
  23. SoIAmConfusion

    Summer Expereince?

    Hi, So I hit kind of a hard spot that I don't know how to address. I am a rising Junior who was unable to secure any internships/volunteer experience/etc in the summer of 2020 (both because of the pandemic and the confusion that came with transferring the semester before). As things start to...
  24. B

    International Medical Aid Shadowing

    Hey all! I recently stumbled across the IMA website and I was wondering if anyone has heard about it/knows if it is legit. I have some shadowing experience in the US, but I wasn't able to go abroad in undergrad so I thought this might be a good way to do both abroad work and get some clinical...
  25. B

    Summer after sophomore year...reject internship offer?

    Hey everyone, Currently about halfway through the my sophomore spring semester, and have applied to some internships. I ended up getting accepted by one, which is a genetics data-curation internship that contributes allelic information to an online database. I accepted the offer, because I...
  26. D


  27. shariahallen

    searching for advice on Med School.

    I have a few questions so I'll try to make this straight to the point! I'm currently pursuing a future career as a Neurosurgeon and I'm getting a tad bit close to the time to apply for Med School (sophomore in undergrad, bio major). I'm currently trying to build up a list of medical schools I...
  28. H

    What comes after dismissal after failure to remediate on internship?

    I’m having trouble locating the information of what happens if you fail a remediation plan while on internship? I know someone who matched last year and is currently on internship and was placed on a remediation plan within the past month. All supervisors seem to be already seeing their...
  29. E

    American PhD Student Applying to APPIC Site in Canada

    Hello, I'm an American PhD student in school psychology applying for an internship through APPIC. I have applied to a school district in Canada, but I'm not sure which visa would be appropriate for me, given I will not have my degree but will not be a student, technically (although I'll still be...
  30. N

    Insight into APPIC Internship Sites

    I’m wondering what questions to ask to get a better sense of the culture of a site.
  31. B

    Goldman Sachs Internship Vs. Research Junior Summer

    Hey, this is a throwaway account and I am in no means trying to brag, I'm just really confused. A little bit of background: I am a student concentrating in Applied Mathematics-Biology and Chemistry or Computer Science (figuring it out still) at Ivy League (Non HYP). I received an offer from...
  32. Stoppingtheworld

    Official SHPEP 2021 Thread

    APPLICATION OPENS: November 1st, 2020! Dear Future SHPEP Applicant, My name is Austin Rios. I participated in the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston program site in 2018. This year, I have again been selected to serve as an SHPEP Ambassador. My goal as an ambassador is to...
  33. T

    Sleeping issue during internal medicine rotation

    I am about to enter internal medicine rotation/ residency with 28 hours shift with no or minimal sleep. How can I maintain my concentration and performance in such sleep-deprived and heavy workload environment?
  34. C


    Hey friends! I have been a part of this program for 3 years and it has been an absolutely invaluable experience for me and for my resume. The department is recruiting again, so I thought I would pass the info along! The University of California, Irvine Department of Urology is recruiting...
  35. S

    Non-cat OMS year prep

    Starting my non-cat OMS year in July (should Coronavirus allow) - any advice of how to best prepare (suggested texts, articles, advice, etc)? Obviously there will be a big learning curve from dental school extractions to being on-call for trauma. Also... should I be worried about potential lack...
  36. F

    OMFS Internship Opportunities - POST HERE ONLY

    I know this time of year, everyone is trying to figure out exactly how they want to fill out their rank list, but I just want to take the time to post a little about my experiences at my OMFS internship so that those of you not fortunate enough to MATCH will be aware of the opportunities...
  37. S

    Possibilities after OS internship

    Didn't match and doing a non-cat OMS year. I'm an over thinker and am already thinking of all the possibilities 1) I love it, improve my cbse and match next cycle, 2) I love it, but don't match again, 3) I don't like it like I thought I would, and go to GP work (after completing the 1 year...
  38. J

    Northwestern Premed Undergraduate Internship Program

    Has anyone ever applied to this program and know when decisions come out/ what it is like?
  39. E

    New VIRMP internship opportunity: MSPCA-Angell at Essex (Community Practice)

    Deadline approaching: December 9, 2019 at 9:00 pm EST MSPCA-Angell is pleased to announce a new community practice/small animal medicine and surgery internship position for its Angell at Essex location in Danvers, MA starting in June 2020. Angell at Essex is a new teaching clinic located at...
  40. siohohl

    Renting Room for rent in Orlando/Kissimmee, FL area

    Offering housing for a placement and/or rotation in or near the area of Kissimmee, Orlando, and Lake Nona. I have a fully furnished room available for rent for a reasonable price. Short term rentals available Includes WiFi Utilities included Access to private pool Must like dogs/pets! 2 small...