1. S

    Non-cat OMS year prep

    Starting my non-cat OMS year in July (should Coronavirus allow) - any advice of how to best prepare (suggested texts, articles, advice, etc)? Obviously there will be a big learning curve from dental school extractions to being on-call for trauma. Also... should I be worried about potential lack...
  2. F

    OMFS Internship Opportunities - POST HERE ONLY

    I know this time of year, everyone is trying to figure out exactly how they want to fill out their rank list, but I just want to take the time to post a little about my experiences at my OMFS internship so that those of you not fortunate enough to MATCH will be aware of the opportunities...
  3. S

    Possibilities after OS internship

    Didn't match and doing a non-cat OMS year. I'm an over thinker and am already thinking of all the possibilities 1) I love it, improve my cbse and match next cycle, 2) I love it, but don't match again, 3) I don't like it like I thought I would, and go to GP work (after completing the 1 year...
  4. J

    Northwestern Premed Undergraduate Internship Program

    Has anyone ever applied to this program and know when decisions come out/ what it is like?
  5. E

    New VIRMP internship opportunity: MSPCA-Angell at Essex (Community Practice)

    Deadline approaching: December 9, 2019 at 9:00 pm EST MSPCA-Angell is pleased to announce a new community practice/small animal medicine and surgery internship position for its Angell at Essex location in Danvers, MA starting in June 2020. Angell at Essex is a new teaching clinic located at...
  6. siohohl

    Renting Room for rent in Orlando/Kissimmee, FL area

    Offering housing for a placement and/or rotation in or near the area of Kissimmee, Orlando, and Lake Nona. I have a fully furnished room available for rent for a reasonable price. Short term rentals available Includes WiFi Utilities included Access to private pool Must like dogs/pets! 2 small...
  7. O

    internships/residencies in Quebec

    Hello! I'm currently a DVM student at OVC but planning to move to Quebec after graduation. I was wondering if anyone out there has any information about internships/residencies in Quebec, specifically Montreal. There are very few listed on VIRMP, but I've seen some on hospital pages like...
  8. D

    Non-Categorical Position open for Detroit Medical Center OMFS Program

    Hello everyone, The Detroit Medical Center OMFS program is seeking one additional non-categorical resident for this coming program year (beginning July 2019) Please email [email protected] for further information and any questions you may have. Thank you
  9. attitudelikeasunrise

    PhD/PsyD How are Internship Stipends Taxed + Other Expenditures?

    I will be starting my internship next month and am trying to figure out a tentative budget for the next year. I am a little bit confused about how stipends are taxed, as well as other potential costs that may be removed from your paycheck (e.g. health insurance). My main questions are: 1. Are...
  10. L

    Internships during Undergrad

    Hey everyone! I just finished my first year of undergrad and I didn't have a job or internship during the school year because I wanted to give myself a year to focus on academics. Now that the year is over I have an internship at a local small animal hospital where I intern for 18 hours a week...
  11. 6

    Clinical Internship Drug Test Policies

    Are people being asked to complete a drug test prior to internship? When I've been drug tested in the past for practicum/externship, it has occurred along with the background check. Please comment on your site and whether you have been asked to complete a drug test so far. Especially interested...
  12. D

    Matched advanced PGY-2 and in dire need of a TY/Prelim Year

    Hi all, I am a 4th year DO student who managed to match into an advanced PM&R program at my number 1 choice. I ranked it so because this program was by far the best for me personally as it is close to home. I have tried calling every NRMP R3 program and AOA post match programs. They have all...
  13. L

    Advice for a freshman in undergrad?

    Hi everyone! I’m finishing up the second semester of my freshman year of undergraduate as a pre-veterinary major and it seems like it has flown by! Although I have gotten good grades and gotten involved in many extracurriculars this year, I am often left wondering if I am doing enough to stand...
  14. 3

    Hist, Bio1, + internship summer?

    I was recently thinking about taking General Biology 1 and U.S. History 1 over the first six week summer semester along with participating in a internship/shadowing program for all of this period. Does this seem manageable? I don’t think these courses would be difficult for me as it is mainly...
  15. C

    REU vs Internship

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask for advice for a decision I'm trying to make. For the summer, I am deciding between a REU (research with diseases) or an internship with a biomedical device company (this would be mostly machinery work). Do medical schools usually have a greater preference for...
  16. A

    Position Available Clinical Research Position in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine

    Clinical Research Position in Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Position: Full-Time Clinical Research Assistant to Dr. Benjamin Domb, MD Location: The American Hip Institute, Chicago, IL Description: Dr. Domb runs a successful sports medicine practice in addition to an active research...
  17. mypointlesspov

    Internship Rankings

    Hi All, Sorry for another internship post, but I'm looking for some guidance on ranking sites. I have talked to my three supervisors so far and I am still lost on what to do. I interviewed at 8 sites and have 9 positions to rank. This time last year, I thought that I would be happy to have an...
  18. E

    Co-op/Internship experience

    Hi all, I have completed three co-ops at my engineering undergrad which are essentially a semester-long internship of working full time and getting paid. I have worked on three different medical device startups doing research and development. I have been involved in publications made by some...
  19. jjmanutd24

    NAVLE Score Transfers

    Hey guys! Im a foreign veterinary graduate from India. I recently passed the ECFVG and the NAVLE after almost 2 years of hard work. So i took the NAVLE in Connecticut and I am currently waiting for my Connecticut state license (i took it here because I was working as a Vet Tech at a hospital...
  20. R

    # of practica prior to internship?

    I'm a 2nd year student currently on my 1st external practicum. I'm interested in neuropsychology, but not sure if I want to have a specific NP practicum next year- I want to develop my therapy skills further. My current site has actually been great for assessments (already done several...
  21. M

    VIRMP Rotating Internship Question

    Hello, I am applying for an academic small animal rotating medicine/surgery internship, as I hope to pursue a residency in the future. I am very interested in going to the University of Georgia (UGA) for this purpose, and until today have felt confident that I have a fighting chance. However...
  22. S

    PhD/PsyD Clinical Neuropsychology Internship Site Rank Help Thread

    I am having some trouble ranking my internship interview sites and thought I would consult the board for some opinions. Specifically, I'm trying to ascertain the general perception of these site's reputation and prestige. While prestige/reputation is certainly not my only consideration, and...
  23. ImAFreudNot

    PhD/PsyD Assessing Supervision Quality on Internship

    First time poster, long time lurker. I am so appreciative of all the advice and wisdom that has been shared on SDN. Thank you in advance! I'm currently interviewing at a variety of APA-accred internship sites with a child/adolescent treatment focus. As I interview and mull over rankings, I'm...
  24. F

    For Canadians and Americans who studied medicine at Griffith

    Hey I'm a Canadian undergrad hoping to get accepted to Griffith in 2020. Interested in hearing people's experiences with the program. Did most Can/US graduates end up matching back home or getting an internship in Australia? Anyone you know who ended up not matching or getting an Aus internship...
  25. P

    PhD/PsyD Supervising unaccredited internships?

    I'm an early career psychologist who's recently been licensed in Texas and am working in private practice. I've been contacted by several doctoral students looking for supervision for internships. I came from an APA-accredited program and completed an APA-accredited internship, so I've found...
  26. UTadvising

    2019 Vanderbilt LGBTQ Health Internship Application Open

    "The Vanderbilt Program for LGBTQ Health is a national leader in patient care, education, research, and advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer communities. Through this internship program, we hope to further this mission and to foster the personal and professional...
  27. neurodoe29

    APPIC Internship Match 2019-20-- Phase II

    Hi all, I thought I'd start a thread in advance for those of us who either know that they will be in Phase II since they received no interviews in Phase I (hello, me), or who end up in Phase II after not getting matched in Phase I. Hopefully this can be a great source of support and...
  28. N

    Best time to apply for internships?

    Is it best to apply for internships for the summer after your freshman year or the summer after your sophomore year??
  29. S

    Internship with JRCOSTEP

    Anyone have any advice for securing an internship in the USPHS JRCOSTEP program? Any insight appreciated! What do they look for in applicants?
  30. fewds

    Leadership Alliance Internships

    Can ORMs apply to leadership alliance internships? Is it competitive for ORMs?
  31. fewds

    Cornell ACCESS Research Internship

    Does anyone know how competitive the Cornell ACCESS Research Internship at Weill is? Also, does anyone have any general information on the internship such as are we allowed to do our own research based off of our previous work in labs? Thanks in advance!
  32. S

    Missing last letter of rec for VIRMP

    VIRMP deadline is this Monday (good luck to everyone!) and the last of my letter of recs is not yet in. I've touched base with my clinician last week and she reiterated that she would write me a strong reference, but the VIRMP application still has not yet received her letter. She would've been...
  33. d-dimer

    Rank these TY programs

    Bayonet Point TY in Hudson, Fl, University of Kentucky Bowling Green TY, Prospect Manchester TY in Manchester, CT, Suburban Community TY in East Norriton, PA, Athens Regional Medical Center TY in Athens, Ga, and Redmond Regional TY in Rome, Ga. Thanks!
  34. A

    Internship vs working as GP

    Hi everyone- Was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'm a recent graduate (this year), and was hired on as a GP for a year, with mentorship. Seemed like the perfect situation, and I really liked working there- until I got laid off because the expected expansion to evening hours (and...
  35. phospho

    Residency in Israel for AMGs w/ completed USMLEs but no U.S. residency

    Surprisingly, there is pretty much nothing of value here on SDN in regards to this topic. I just spent the last hour utilizing the search function and I just wasted my time with threads talking about the weather in Israel, talking about politics, living, the language, etc... can we perhaps talk...
  36. amm06351

    Official SHPEP 2019 Thread

    Hello! My name is Alexa and I am a SHPEP 2018 Howard alum. Recently I have been selected as a SHPEP ambassador and am dedicated to recruit pre-health students for the best summer internship ever! I started this thread because the application opens December 1st and I'm sure questions will pop up...
  37. D

    Do Me A Favor?

    I am applying for Internship this year and I was hoping I could get someone's(preferably a doctoral level clinician) eyes on my APPI essays? They are all completed, but I was just hoping for some initial thoughts, reactions, feedback. And obviously, if there was something blaringly wrong it'd be...
  38. Eastface

    Tufts Field Service Internship

    Hi there, I am a 4th year veterinary student and was just curious if anyone had been through Tufts Field Service ambulatory internship in Woodstock, CT before? Would also love someone to bounce ideas off in terms of large animal internships. Thanks so much!
  39. R

    Any institute that offers an internship in audiology in Toronto?

    Hello members, I am very glad to be a member of this wonderful forum. I am an audiology student who is currently looking for an internship opportunity in Toronto. I completed my course in audiology from Fanshawe college CA, last year. I graduated with a level 3 score and currently I am looking...
  40. vbcarrier4

    Internship/residency for lab animal med?

    Hi all, this may be extremely pre-mature of me but I tend to worry a bunch. I am a first year and have finished the first rounds of exams in my classes and I am currently at a C+/B range for all my classes. I've picked out a few clubs I want to join but don't have any leadership positions...