Gap year between TY and advanced program.


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Jan 20, 2020
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So I decided to change specialties and ended up matching into an advanced program during my Transitional year. This means I have the next year off and would like some advice as how to fill this gap year. Ideally paid research would be great but given the circumstances I don't know if paid radiology research fellowships are a thing right now.

Thank you in advanced.


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Apr 8, 2017
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You could try working in consulting. Since you already have a year of experience, you may even be eligible for a a full license in some states, which would be very attractive to companies looking for consultants. Big firms might be disinterested in hiring you if you won't stick around, but smaller companies or startups might be open to it. This however, is dependent on the economy, which isn't looking to good in this COVID environment.

Although, if you can get a full license, it might just be worth just moonlighting to make some cash.

I would suggest you take a vacation or try doing a gap year in a foreign country, but this doesn't seem very likely to be available right now.
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Mar 24, 2020
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If you're able to relocate a paid radiology research fellowship should be possible. If you can't relocate I would contact your local radiology residency/research faculty to see if they have any paid or volunteer opportunities.

Moonlighting + being a volunteer research intern could be a sweet year.

A friend of mine, who worked for 2 years after his first year of residency, had luck finding positions through Staffcare and Doccafe. There can be problems getting malpractice coverage without board certification, but this varies by state.
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