Gap year in England.

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Mar 29, 2016
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So my sister is having a baby in London and her bf passed away in a car wreck this week. So I have to go live with her for a year until things become normal. I am flying out next week.

Target: DO
Major: Biochemistry major, Biology and Business(to increase my cGPA lol)
Mcat taking maybe in January.
Applying next summer(2017).
Clinical: currently working as a scribe it has been 2 weeks.
No strong research experience.

Any one has any recommendation what I can do there other than studying for mcat.


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May 4, 2015
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If you don't have to be with your sister 24/7, go volunteer with the NHS. They are brilliant, and might actually have unique opportunities for you (they don't require pre-meds to do mad volunteering in England). But, I suggest you don't go straight to the surgery department; rather, be at paediatrics and learn from them, and apply what you learn at home. They might even become interested in your situation, and could help you immensely. But remember you are in England to help your sister, and not yourself. Don't be selfish with your times because she needs you more than ever.
Then, you can visit trafalgar square, piccalilli circus, the national gallery, the london tower, the eye, buckingham palace \o/, and the imperial war museum among others ;o!, because tragedy does not mean to stop living. Take your sister with you, and have fun at least 1 day per week, and take very good care of her.

all the best
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