1. D

    If you're a foreign trained dentist and looking for residency

    Hey guys, interview season's about to come and I guess many of you who're not CODA graduates must be thinking of the same question that I had when I was applying - Does graduating from a foreign dental school mean that it's impossible for me to get into a residency? Hell no! And I'm saying that...
  2. jwarren10101

    Do schools care about foreign masters grades?

    Hi all, I am currently doing a masters. I know that AMCAS does not have an option to upload foreign transcripts - but do you think schools would want to see my grades during this program?
  3. L

    Which medschool should I choose?

    Hi All! I just graduated from high school and I am dreaming of becoming a doctor in the US. But beforehand I want to attend medschool in my home country (Germany). As it comes to choosing a university, I am wondering if it would be better to attend a school, that is perceived more prestigious...
  4. D

    ECE Evaluation - US Equivalent DDS

    Hello, I just received my ECE course-by-course evaluation today. A majority of other doctors who have graduated from the same country (Philippines) and completed ECE had a "U.S. Equivalent Summary: Bachelor's in dental medicine" or even "completed 4/5 years at a dental college". My question is...
  5. V

    Repeated Foreign Coursework

    I took some of my prerequisites (gen chem, gen bio) in another country before I transferred to the United States. My current university transferred the credits but didn't give any grade for the coursework (I guess it's P/F). And these courses were also appointed to specific courses at my current...
  6. redence

    Why is it hard for foreign med students to get into a competitive residency in the U.S?

    Just a college freshman with a question: Why is it hard (low chance) for foreign med school students to match into anesthesiology, dermatology, radiology...etc in the U.S? If a U.S student and foreign student both get a good USMLE score, who would match into those competitive residencies? Isn’t...
  7. O

    New York Sponsorship Program

    Hello everyone. :) I’m a foreign graduate of Optometry, earning an OD degree (6 year program) in my country. I’m planning to be a licensed OD in the USA by not going back to school and sit on the NBEO exams right away. I have contacted New York Board of Optometry if they offer a sponsorship...
  8. Moogla

    Foreign trained dentist with no experience.

    Hello, I finished dental school in 2015 and moved to the US in the same year. I have never had my own patients, never worked as a dentist. And I know a lot of Advanced standing programs are asking for a bench test which I have no idea how to do! I know there are programs that prepare you for...
  9. H

    Where to study? (Hungary, Italy, USA, Canada)

    Hey, So I'm a junior in high school and I want to study med. My counsellor told me that it's practically impossible to pass the MCAT in USA and Canada as a foreign student if you're not some kind of a genius. They told me that Hungary was beneath my level and Italy would take some hard work but...
  10. T

    Competitive Specialties for Foreign Medical School Graduates?

    I cannot find the info I'm interested in in the forums, or here... (Apparently I cannot post a link, but the document I'm using is:) NRMP-ECFMG-Charting-Outcomes-in-the-Match-International-Medical-Graduates-2014.pdf It's at ecfmg This document has a lot of information on many of the more...
  11. papi_md

    Foreigner wants to get into US post-bacc pre med

    I would like to know what are the chances of foreigners (on US) to get a post-bacc diploma in pre med. I obtained my bachelor's degree (in Physics, non trad) in Asia but I need to boost up my GPA to get in to med school. Checked some schools but they don't seem to allow int students with student...
  12. redence

    6 year foreign med school or go to college and do premed?

    -btw I posted something similar to this in the MD + high school forum a few weeks back- just wanted some input from foreign grads now- I'm a 17 year old high school senior, and I have to apply to colleges soon. I'm interested in the health field, but I'm not 100% sure yet if I want to be either...
  13. redence

    I want to be a pediatrician, should I go to a 6 year caribean med school right after high school?

    Alright so I’m a 17 year old depressed senior in high school, and I’m planning to go to college to do either premed or pre-physician assistant. I’m really interested in the health field and helping people. However, my parents (Indian parents :/) really push me to go to a 6 year foreign medical...
  14. redence

    6 year U.S accredited foreign med school in Caribbean? or pre-med in a U.S undergraduate college?

    I'm a 17 year old high school senior, and I have to apply to colleges soon. I'm interested in the health field, but I'm not 100% sure yet if I want to be either a doctor (Pediatrician) or a Physician Assistant (PA). I want to go to a U.S college and either complete pre-med or pre-pa, I might...
  15. redence

    6 year foreign med school or go to college and do premed? HELP A HS STUDENT OUT?

  16. redence

    Should I do foreign medical school? About to graduate high school!!?

    Alright so I’m a 17 year old depressed senior in high school, and I’m planning to go to college to do either premed or pre-physician assistant. I’m really interested in the health field and helping people. However, my parents (Indian parents :/) really push me to go to a 6 year foreign medical...
  17. spidermonkeyMD

    Foreign undergrad with DIY post bacc

    Is there anyone here who can share their experience or story of having a foreign undergrad (no US mater's or phD) and completed DIY post bacc at CC and/or 4-year university eventually getting accepted to US med school? I've read threads of foreign undergrads doing formal post bacc but I don't...
  18. E

    Foreign Medical Graduates: California needs you

    Greetings, Great news: because of a US Study published in July 2015 which states "licensing requirements that prevent qualified immigrants from finding employment in their chosen profession affect not only the immigrant workers themselves, but also consumers (pg. 39)" and that...
  19. S

    MD PhD for a foreign student

    Any foreign accepted for MD or MD-PhD here?
  20. donutzebra

    "Other" Languages on AMCAS

  21. Ars04

    PAVE ECE Process?

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has information on the ECE part of the PAVE more specifically on admission to the university. I want to know how the whole process goes down, as I can't really find any information. Also I'd like to know how hard it is to gain admission to your desired university...
  22. R

    Residency Match from Foreign MD?

    Hello, I've heard that medical schools in China combine Bachelor's and MD degrees into 5 years. As an American high school senior who is fluent in Chinese, I'm wondering whether I should go there for college. I am planning to stay in the U.S. for residency and practice. Pros: -Saves money...
  23. rockatansky96

    Australian Honours Student looking to study Medicine in Hong Kong

    Hi everyone, my name is Daniel and I am looking to study Medicine at one of the two Hong Kong universities offering the MBBS course. I am completing my Honours in Biomedical Science in 2017 so I'll be almost done. I understand that the Chinese University of Hong Kong is a little less tolerant in...
  24. I

    Matching for a non-citizen with an LCME-accreditation

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in a Canadian MD program and looking for some insight into how I can build up my CV in order to be a competitive applicant for residency. As of now, I'm a year into my program. Seeing as I will graduate with an LCME-accredited degree, I won't be considered an IMG...
  25. A

    Interested to take Medicine help? and Medicine School Sponsorship?

    Hi, I'm currently a candidate for an MA degree in Philosophy and afterwards I'm planning to take Medicine. I am 25 years old and from Manila, Philippines. However, my financial status makes it impossible for me to pursue Medicine. In addition, I am not sure as to where to start to prepare for...
  26. IMG-MBChB

    Using MBChB degree in the US

    Hello, I'm a U.S. citizen, born and raised. I attended undergrad here at a pretty prestigious university but had no idea what I wanted to do upon graduation. So, I traveled around for a while before ending up in South Africa. I lived there for some time before eventually enrolling in medical...
  27. M

    MA/MS MSc from foreign graduate school - useless for state counseling license?

    I'm considering an MSc in Counselling Psychology program in the United Kingdom, specifically at the University of Keele. My current goal is to be a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the state of North Carolina. NC's LPCA requirements are pretty clear and it'd be easy for me to verify...
  28. 1

    Help for foreign graduate please

    Hello everyone. I am desperate for any help or information that can help me. I will try to make this story short. My girlfriend and the love of my life is a veterinarian from Brazil. She has been trying her hardest to get her American license and she's been trying to find jobs in Texas so she...
  29. P

    Help with ecfmg documents

    I will be graduating from a medical school in China next month and need some help with the documents that has to be submitted to ecfmg, as my country of residence requires ecfmg verification in order to register. I have been told by previous graduates that after I recieve my degree I will have...
  30. C

    Gap year in England.

    So my sister is having a baby in London and her bf passed away in a car wreck this week. So I have to go live with her for a year until things become normal. I am flying out next week. Target: DO cGPA:3.36 sGPA:3.21 Major: Biochemistry major, Biology and Business(to increase my cGPA lol) Mcat...
  31. M

    USMLE Should i retake the USMLE?

    I took the USMLE my 4th year in the u.s. It has been a while since the date of my graduation from (foreign) med school since i had previously worked outside of the us as a surgeon. My score was passing, but i got a score of a 193. On both step 1 and step 2. I am in my late 40's and since i am...
  32. Iohanademonacco

    foreign nurse in USA

    Hello! I am a Romanian student and I am about to finish the 4 year nursing school and I want to know if I can practice in USA with this diploma. I am aware that I have to take some extra tests there in order to equate my studies(or so I heard). Please has anyone been in my situation? I need...
  33. M

    Foreign Prescription

    I heard from a doctor friend saying there is one East state whose pharmacy law recognize Rx from another country, as long as it is in English and doctor has legitimate relationship with the patient. I know Texas will accept Rx from Canada and Mexico, but this pharmacy in this state could...
  34. A

    Are you protected by the U.S. if you go to a Caribbean medical school?

    Several people keep asking if you can file a lawsuit against a Caribbean medical school. The answer is yes. For example, if you are suing Ross, you would file your lawsuit in New Jersey, that's where their offices are, the owners are American, and most of their business is conducted from...
  35. Melezour

    PhD Is Public Health still attractive in the U.S. ?

    Hey there! I'm a French med student (5th year), and I'm planning to get a PhD in Public Health in France (within 5 years or so), and I'll probably try to specialize into health politics and management. Public Health has a bad reputation among med students in France, and many people choose this...
  36. G

    Validation and Accreditation in the US

    Good evening, I'm new here to the threads and I am looking for some information for my cousins to become accredited in the United States (Florida). They both have a clinic together and have been practicing for 5 years now. The first one is a Dental Technician and creates dentures, retainers...
  37. J

    Hong Kong medical licencing exam and internship for foreign MD's

    Hi I'm a post graduate general practitioner in RSA. I want to write the HK licencing exam in Sept 2016. Can someone give me advice regarding 1) Past papers- or more detailed breakdown of what needs to be studied 2) What is the internship like??? I am used to long hours and high patient...
  38. T

    Travelling AND getting medical experience?

    I am wondering if you are aware of any volunteer or paid programs that allow you to travel outside the US and gain experience working in a healthcare setting. (Some background if you are wondering): This question comes as I am about to graduate undergrad and have never had the opportunity to...
  39. D

    Foreign/International Student: Should I redo Undergrad?

    As a foreign student, I obviously have challenges whilst thinking about applying to a US medical school. I did my undergrad in Australia and while my grades were great at first, I failed a few courses as I could not attend the exams on my last semester in school. I got married to an American and...