GCSOM MBS Program 2020-2021

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Apr 21, 2020
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I didn't see a recent thread on this, so I thought I'd create one. I've been accepted to the GCSOM MBS program and wanted to ask about the guaranteed interviews. Their website says that the top 20% in the class will be guaranteed an interview depending on their undergraduate gpa and MCAT. They also mention that if one doesn't meet certain criteria, it doesn't mean you won't get an interview as they look at every applicant/student holistically. Does anyone who's been in the program know what percentage of that top 20% getting the interview gets accepted to the MD program? They aren't clear about this on their website, and I wanted to know all the ins and outs of this before making the decision to matriculate, as some other programs I've been accepted to are more transparent on this.

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I cannot give you an exact number but most people from my class that I am aware of were waitlisted. The "benefit" of being an MBS grad, in my opinion, is not as high as you would think. I did extremely well in the program and was waitlisted.

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If I had to do it again, I would choose a cheaper masters program with an anatomy lab. I'm currently a first year at another medical school and I feel a bit "ripped off" in a way. GCSOM MBS charges you the same amount as their MD students but with a fraction of the resources. The curriculum is alright and it worked. I was accepted to medical school after having an atrocious undergrad GPA. I definitely learned a lot and some of it is coming in handy for me in medical school. Many of my classmates were also accepted to other medical schools, but for the cost, you can get more value for a smaller price tag.
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Hey, can you guys speak on your experience and the difficulty? Did you apply for medical schools during or after? I like the program because it's offered online, but of course still expensive. I'm trying to figure out if I keep taking DIY post bacc classes or do an official program