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general questions on admission...


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May 12, 2002
California, Irvine
    I am a recent transfer student from a community college. My community college GPA is 3.92 but many people said that doesn't count at all. Is that true?
    I'm just taking very low load right now, and probably will until I graduate (even with a full time research, my average units per quarter will be around 14). Would it affect my chance of getting into MSTP program? Some people said "who couldn't get 4.0 with light load of units like yours?" Should I push myself more and get a minor on something to have "heavy load"... to be competetive? I feel I have it a little too easy compared to a lot others.
    Also, I'm a US Marine reservist. I heard some eerie rumor that if you were in a military service, Med schools just "let" you in... Is there any validity on that rumor?

    I know these are a lot of questions... Thank you so much (beforehand) for replying something to my question.

    Je (Justin)


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    Sep 18, 2001
    1. Resident [Any Field]
      I can comment on some of your concerns. I was also a Community College transfer. I started out slow, taking really light load my first year in the CC, and transfered with a 4.0. I have never been asked about it, and nobody has done or said anything which made me think that it was a bad idea. Basically, I got into several programs, so it didn't matter for me...and I doubt it will for you. If you are doing research and keeping yourself busy with volunteer stuff etc, then don't worry about the light load either.

      Good luck



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      Mar 14, 2002
      the beach
      1. Attending Physician
        I think your MCAT score may have alot to do with this. That's probably one of the biggest reasons for the MCAT, a standardized, objective, skills assessment. If you pull a 35+ on your MCAT, med schools are gonna think you're a good candidate and ignore all the stuff you just said. If you pull under a 30 on your MCAT, schools are probably gonna think your classes were easy and your load was too light.

        So, IMO if you prep hard for the MCAT and get a good score, nobody is going look at your grades and go "There were from a community college" or "his semesters were too easy". As rumit said, keep up those extracirriculars!

        PS: Welcome to SDN :)
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        Apr 20, 2002
        1. Attending Physician
          About the rumor that if you are military they just let you in, I do not believe that is true. Obviously if you are military the adcom's look upon that as a positive thing due to leadership skills, the concept of teamwork, and able to adapt, but it is not a guarenteed acceptance due to that.
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