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Georgetown, too late to apply?


Junior Member
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 17, 2004
Hey guys!
Do you think they (Georgetown) already selected a class for this year? Anyone applied? Any rejections? For those rejected what were your stats (GPA, MCAT, resident/international student).

Also, has anyone had an experience with Boston University master's program?



7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 5, 2004
I applied around V-day and still haven't heard back from them. They definitely haven't picked a class yet. From what i read on their forum, the class isn't completely full until a couple weeks before the classes actually start. Also, I think they give the same consideration to international students. Either way, it's definitely not too late to apply.


Senior Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 14, 2002
HAAAR-vard of the West
  1. Medical Student
Hey bro,

Here's the info I got from researching about this program for hundreds of hours and talking to current SMP students...

1. No it is not too late to apply. GT SMP usually don't accept candidates until pretty late. This is because they want the BEST applicants...because the best applicants are most likely going to get admitted the following year and it will look better for them. Therefore, my theory is that they wait until the end and admit the top 120 people. My friend and I both had everything in by first week of January. He was admitted with a 3.3 and 31. I'm still waiting with my 3.03 and 33. However, it seems like if you are above the 3.0 and 27, you will be fine (eg my friend). If you have one category where you barely cut it, you may be waiting like me.

2. I don't think they will reject anyone right off the bat unless they don't meet one of the above requisites, in which case, I suggest not to apply.

So far I only know of three people that were accepted into the program. What are your stats? Maybe I can give you some advice.

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