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Nov 12, 2017
With all of my current accepts, I am definitely leaning towards Georgetown. The one school I am waiting to hear back from is WashU. I realize at this point it is more likely a waitlist than an outright accept. So, if I am accepted to WashU at some point, I could definitely use some outside opinions on where I should go.

  • I really like the Jesuit approach to education and the cura personalis approach of the medical school
  • location - love D.C.
  • professional goals: I intend to complete my MD/MPH; Georgetown has a partnership with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School (arguably the best public health school in the world)
  • I would most definitely do the Social Justice or Public Health track
  • clinicals start in the spring of M2
  • I'll have a better "feel" for the institution as I will be at Second Look
  • NIH nearby
  • away from friends/family
  • bigger class size
  • 200k+ debt
  • have a longer surgical rotation than others; I don't think I'll end up in surgery but definitely don't see it as a negative
  • rotations are at several different locations
WashU (awaiting decision)
  • money is not issue for research, going abroad, etc.
  • smaller class size
  • location - close to home, love St. Louis
  • ~100k debt
  • research powerhouse
  • if I'm accepted from waitlist, will most likely have missed Second Look to get the better "feel"
  • it's my understanding that the MPH program is relatively new; however, they do offer a concentration in public policy which is what I am interest in
  • most rotations are at Barnes
  • I like the traditional approach to education, but it is for 2 years rather than 1.5

One last note: I put very little weight on U.S. News rankings.


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Mar 5, 2015
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washU is a much better program.
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