1. L

    Full ride at Bama vs. ED to WashU

    Due to being a National Merit Semifinalist from Pennsylvania, I can get a full ride at the University of Alabama. I want to be a doctor, go to a good (but not necessarily top) MD program. Will Bama get me there? I’m worried if I do, I’m going to have short-term gain but long-term pain when it...
  2. G

    WashU vs Pitt

    Hey everyone! I have to say I feel extremely lucky to be able to pick between these two schools. Either one I would be incredibly excited about attending, but I gotta choose one. I'm originally from ID and went to college in MA. Love the outdoors, but I know how much either St. Louis or...
  3. S

    Seeking Advice for This Summer

    Hey yall, I was going to take Organic Chemistry I-II (with lab) this summer and volunteer a bit at a nearby hospital/nursing home, but now most programs moved online and I'm worried it'll look bad when I apply to med schools. A little more about my situation: Taking during the school year I...
  4. M

    Washington University St. Louis pre-med post-bacc REVIEWS

    Hello! Any info on WASHU’s pre-med post-bacc would be greatly appreciated, including: -Difficulty of classes -Acceptance rates to med school -Possibility of earnings A’s Anything negative about it also—people dropping out?, not being accepted to med school?, etc. Thanks!
  5. M

    NYU vs. WASHU pre med post bacc program

    I’m considering both WASHU and NYU’s pre med post bacc programs. WASHU seems to have a good reputation that students and med schools alike value, but I’m nervous about going to live in St. Louis because of crime rates, etc. Thus, I began looking into NYU’s program which seems to have a similarly...
  6. nina25_FutureOT

    Program-Specific Info / Q's WashU MOT Fall 2019

    Hey everyone! I have officially decided to attend WashU's MOT program starting this fall 2019 and I was hoping to meet other people who were accepted or who decided to attend as well! Where are you coming from? I'm from upstate NY! Anyone know of a FB group yet that's been created?
  7. P

    WashU vs. Pitt vs. UVA

    I've been accepted to all three (haven't heard anything from financial aid yet). Would be thankful for any input anyone might have because right now I'm really not leaning one way or the other. WashU Pro Top10, highly respected school with great hospital system St. Louis is an affordable place...
  8. M

    Georgetown vs. WashU

    With all of my current accepts, I am definitely leaning towards Georgetown. The one school I am waiting to hear back from is WashU. I realize at this point it is more likely a waitlist than an outright accept. So, if I am accepted to WashU at some point, I could definitely use some outside...
  9. nekoatsume

    Washington University in St. Louis Premedical Postbacc

    Hi everyone, I was recently admitted to the premedical postbacc program at Washington University in St. Louis. Is there anyone here that is currently in the program or has completed the program that would be willing to share their experience and answer a few questions I have? Thank you!
  10. giggle_bot

    Deciding an Undergraduate School... need clarification

    Hi, I just joined SDN and I am a senior in high school in Cincinnati, OH. I recently received all of my decisions from all of the colleges I applied to. I need some help deciding which colleges will prepare me best for my medical career goals. My goal is to get into a top grade medical school...
  11. A

    UCSD vs UCLA vs WashU St Louis

    Hey guys, any help would be awesome and gladly appreciated! I decided to leave out the differences in curriculum, either cause I haven't looked too far into it or cause I feel like Med Schools are similar in the organization of things? If any current students or other prospective students have...
  12. J

    WashU reputation trending down?

    Hey guys, I hope this question isn't taken to be "prestige-hunting," but I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to whether or not, and why, WashU might be trending downward in recent years. Apart from the US News (lol) rankings, a number of my med school friends have been telling me its...
  13. O

    Program-Specific Info / Q's WashU vs MGH vs Murphy Deming vs UTC OTD

    Hello! In January I was accepted into Washington University in St. Louis, and in the last weeks I was accepted into MGH IHP in Boston, Murphy Deming college in Virginia and University of Tennessee Chattanooga. I am having a lot of trouble deciding between the 3. WashU- I am in St. Louis now...
  14. L

    WAMC? 3.87 cGPA 3.84 sGPA 516 MCAT

  15. C

    What were your best study habits? Reset for next semester!

    My 1st semester did not go well and I know my first semester's GPA will affect my medical school chances unless I change my study habits and therefore my overall narrative of pre-med at WashU. In regards to changing study habits, I always ask my peers what they do to study and the typical same...
  16. C

    Got a C+ in Calculus I... Am I screwed?

    So I just finished my first semester at WashU and I got essentially 3 A's in Gen Chem Lab, Philosophy, and a 3 Credit Seminar Class, a B+ in General Chemistry, and a C+ in Calculus I. It's not the fact that I didn't study for my classes or have my motivation, I studied for 5 days straight for...
  17. D

    Washington University St.Louis & USC post bacc program

    Hi, I got accepted to Washington University St.Louis and USC so far. I am comparing two programs right now, and curriculum seems pretty similar. A difference that I noticed is that Wash U has linkage program and USC does not. I read some past threads about each schools program but I still...
  18. TheDrB.020

    MD 521 MCAT, 3.74 GPA (B.S.), 3.96 GPA (M.S.)

    White Male from California 521 MCAT (132/128/131/130) Taken only once 3.74 B.S. GPA (upward trend) 3.96 M.S. GPA Both B.S. (Animal Science/Pre-vet) & M.S. (Stem cell research/regenerative medicine) from Cal Poly SLO 2nd author pub in Nature Neuroscience 2 years full time in top neuroscience...
  19. TheDrB.020

    521 MCAT, 3.74 GPA (B.S.), 3.96 GPA (M.S.)

    White Male from California 521 MCAT (132/128/131/130) 3.74 B.S. GPA (upward trend) 3.96 M.S. GPA Both B.S. (Animal Science/Pre-vet) & M.S. (Stem cell research/regenerative medicine) from Cal Poly SLO 2nd author pub in Nature Neuroscience 2 years full time in top neuroscience lab (ongoing)...
  20. Regina_Phalange

    UCLA vs. WashU

    Hi everybody, Less than a week left before the deadline and I'm freaking out :help: I know both are great options and I can't go wrong with either but that's what makes this so difficult haha I'm leaning towards UCLA because of in state tuition but I'd love to hear your opinions! I'm interested...
  21. OGKU$H

    WashU (Pre-med Full ride) , BC or Villanova

    I'm thinking about of attending WashU on almost a full ride( I would only have to pay $750 a year. I was given $66,150 in financial aid a year) However, should I attend Villanova, Boston College, Gonzaga, or Santa Clara (on partial scholarship) to maintain a better GPA to matriculate to Med...
  22. S

    Hopkins vs. Stanford vs. Full-Ride WashU

    Hi everyone! Very grateful to be choosing between Hopkins, Stanford, and a full-ride at WashU! I'm wondering if anyone (especially current med students who faced similar choices) has any insight to share. I'm interested in a competitive specialty (thinking ortho or some other surgical...
  23. T

    WashU (St. Louis) vs Rosalind Franklin (Chicago)

    Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well. I have a huge dilemma: WashU vs Rosalind. The quality/type of education and being away from family are two factors I'm worried about. I'm from Chicago, and Rosalind would be a 30-40 minute commute, cutting costs in half b/c I wouldn't dorm. I talked to...