1. B

    Stony Brook vs Georgetown

    Hello. I would like some input on these two schools. Let’s say that the cost of attendance is equal and so is the cost of living (I only want to know about the merits of the schools and their programs). Which school would be better in terms of neurosurgical mentors, opportunities, and research...
  2. A

    GWU vs. Georgetown Postbac (2022)

    Hi everyone! I have been accepted to both the George Washington University and Georgetown postbac programs and was wondering please whether anyone could please provide fresh perspective/info on these or a more direct comparison weighing the two. I've read through a LOT of posts on each but am...
  3. sasukeuchiha33

    Georgetown distaste on this site?

    Hey all, This is something I've been wondering about for a while that his piqued my intrigue and slight confusion. I'm sure (like with most things) it's my naivete, but I can't help but notice that this site really does not look on Georgetown too favorably. I've been searching through some...
  4. M

    Emory vs UF vs Georgetown

    UF Pros -Cost: CoA is significantly cheaper 50K -Great Fit, all current students seem very welcoming and easy to get along with. -Very good match list, but perhaps the weakest of the three. Interested in a competitive specialty. - Administration seems very supportive and mentorship seems...
  5. N

    Georgetown Business of Medicine Course

    Hello SDN! I am a recent graduate of the hematology/oncology fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital and I wanted to spread the word about a course we have developed called the Georgetown Business of Medicine Course. It is a virtual course consisting of 12 modules on different topics like...
  6. D

    SMP Georgetown vs BU

    Hi all, First time poster long term lurker here! Hope anyone who sees this is doing well and safely hiding out in quarantine. I applied last cycle unsuccessfully (cGPA3.56, sGPA3.3, MCAT 511 with decent volunteering, ECs, and full time work in clinical research) to allopathic schools with 0...
  7. M

    Stritch vs Georgetown? (UPDATE: P/F STEP 1 NOW.... should this affect my school decision??)

    Hey guys. I was recently accepted into both Stritch and Georgetown for medical school next year and was wondering if I can get some insight on which to choose. I really care abut research and the academic side of medicine, health advocacy, a condensed curriculum style, and where I can match well...
  8. StressoEspresso

    Post-Bac/Special Masters Programs

    Hi Guys! I'm a long time lurker on SDN and recently made an account to get some advice. I'm applying to SMP and post-bac programs to improve my academic record (I have an upward trend in the last two years). I already have tons of research experience, clinical shadow hours from scribing...
  9. emegibow00

    MPH 2nd year MPH at GW offering advice

    Hi guys, I am an MPH student at George Washington University. I am working on completing my culminating experience and I need some assistance. In exchange I will answer any questions about GW MPH program I am looking for young women to complete online survey in order to learn more about birth...
  10. A

    Help with SMP/MD acceptances

    Hi everyone! I was hoping to gain some feedback regarding SMP programs. I browse enough threads on here and figured it was just time I posted my own. I currently have a undergrad + post bacc cGPA of 3.1 as per the aamc scale. I am hoping to have a 3.14 by the end of the fall sem and a 3.18 at...
  11. L

    Should i work towards a second minor?

    I am a second year premed student majoring in biomedical sciences and have a minor in pysch. I am thinking about minoring in chemistry but is it worth it? Do med schools even look at minors? If i were to take up this second minor i would not be able to finish a semester early. My goal is to go...
  12. D

    Georgetown Regular MS in Physiology 2019-2020

    Hi guys, I noticed there's no thread for this yet. I was accepted 5/3 and I was wondering if any alumni had any input on this program/ its helpfulness for med school. I am also considering GT SMP and would like to hear some of the differences of these two programs besides the technical...
  13. mulans_matchmaker

    Georgetown vs. Williams for UG

    Hi friends! I was very interested in both these schools, and was wondering which one of them was better for undergrad if I wanted to apply to med school in the future. Some specific questions I wanted to ask were: How hard is it to get a good cGPA and sGPA at Georgetown vs. at Williams? (By...
  14. P

    George Mason University/Georgetown University G2 Postbacc 2019-2020

    Hi guys! Just wondering if any of you are applying for the Fall of 2019 cycle! Let me know if anyone else is applying!
  15. I

    OUWB vs Georgetown

    OUWB pros: close to home, newer facilities, less competitive, students seem happier and more social, almost a 100% matching, already found housing cons: in-state (I've always lived in Michigan so I feel like I won't grow as much), newer school so not as established, attendance is mandatory...
  16. T

    GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences (ABS)

    Hi all! I just graduated from the GeorgeSquared Advanced Biomedical Sciences program in May 2018. Please feel welcome to post any questions you may have. I would love to share my insight and be as transparent as possible, since I too was in your shoes searching on SDN last year. If you have any...
  17. S

    To SMP or not to SMP? Which is the riskier path?

    I'm a non-Canadian international student looking to strengthen my science GPA before applying to US med schools. I plan to apply after completing a Master's program. I have 3.51 uGPA, 3.46 sGPA from a top ten university in the US (notorious for grade deflation), and 501 MCAT (retaking). I felt...
  18. Bembemmaria

    Georgetown Experimental Medical Studies Program

    Hey there, is anyone applying to GEMS when the application opens in January?
  19. J

    UAB v Georgetown

    I need advice on choosing between these two schools. UAB is my in-state school and I have a scholarship of $10,000 dollars per year at the school. However, I recently was accepted off of the waitlist to Georgetown SOM. I really love the new 1.5 year curriculum, extra elective rotations...
  20. Juice313

    Wayne State University vs. Georgetown

    Wayne State University Pros: In Detroit (home for me), which I love as a city, and also very close to family Many opportunities to work with underserved populations/participate in clinical care Several hospitals to rotate with in the area Seems like a good "environment" to be in (doesn't seem...
  21. J

    MPH MPH in the US or Abroad Decision and Opinions! Help!

    Hi all, This is the first time using this service so bear with me. I am trying to do a public health-related master's degree right out of undergrad and need some help and expertise. I've gotten into the following programs MPH- Imperial College London MPH- Univeristy of Edinburgh MPH- King's...
  22. M

    Georgetown vs. WashU

    With all of my current accepts, I am definitely leaning towards Georgetown. The one school I am waiting to hear back from is WashU. I realize at this point it is more likely a waitlist than an outright accept. So, if I am accepted to WashU at some point, I could definitely use some outside...
  23. S

    Columbia IHN Masters program vs. Georgetown SMP

    I recently was accepted into both the Columbia IHN MS in human Nutrition Program as well as Georgetown Special Masters Program in physiology. I applied to med schools this cycle, but I have not gotten in anywhere yet. I was wondering which of these two programs would be most helpful at getting...
  24. C


  25. N

    Georgetown Neurology

    What is the reputation/impression of neurology residency at Georgetown? How are they in getting jobs (including academic) after residency or fellowship at Georgetown? I know they are the best in DC but I hear that they are not as well regarded among the top programs and I am wondering why since...
  26. A

    Georgetown SMP application thread for 2018-2019 class

    Hi! I couldn't find a preexisting thread for Georgetown SMP 2018-2019 class applicants, so I thought I'd make one. I applied 10/14 and my application was marked complete 10/18. On Nov 1st I got an email saying my application was under review and I should receive a response in 2-3 weeks. My...
  27. MDhopeful234

    MD Very late application but 516MCAT - which secondaries are worth it?

    516 MCAT, 3.43 overallGPA, 3.2 scienceGPA (but went to an undergrad currently ranked #3 in the nation with the worst grade deflation ever). Current M.S. student. I am working on secondaries and I am wondering if I should complete all of them due to very very late timing. I am very late due to...
  28. I

    Applications to Georgetown SMP or GEMS?

    My dream medical school is Georgetown. I'm looking to apply to either the SMP or the GEMS program and will likely apply to both, but I'm wondering if anyone who was involved in/know of first-hand information about the two programs and their chances of matriculating to Georgetown can give...
  29. fightingirish17

    MD What are my Chances

    cGPA- 3.63 sGPA- 3.45 MCAT- 522 60 hours of clinical shadowing 800 hours of research in a neuroscience lab on NSF funded project but never got publications or posters because we couldn't get project to work 150 hours hospital volunteering 120 hours of volunteering at halfway house 100 hours...
  30. N

    George Washington University vs. Georgetown for MS Biostatistics

    Greetings, I am planning on applying to a MS in Biostatistics in the Washington D.C. area for next fall and was wondering if anybody here can give me any pointers/advice on which school would be better for this specific program, George Washington U. or Georgetown? Unfortunately, I have not been...
  31. snow529

    NYMC vs. Georgetown vs. UWisconsin (WL)

    NYMC Pros grew up 20 minutes away; family still in area; many friends in NYC (this is so important to me and is the main reason i keep wanting to choose NYMC) beautiful campus summer between 1st and 2nd year with funded research opportunities students seemed to really like the program and each...
  32. M

    MHA Programs for Fall '17

    Hey everyone! I've been admitted to Trinity University Health Administration (MHA) program, Georgetown Health Systems Administration program, George Washington MHA, and NYU Wagner Health Policy & Management program. Since I am from San Antonio, I am currently deciding if I want to stay here and...
  33. McDreamy2008

    Georgetown GEMS 2017-2018

    Happy New Year everyone! This thread is for everyone that will be applying to GEMS this cycle! Feel free to post throughout the application process, and keep us updated on your progress!
  34. B

    Georgetown vs. Wake Forest?

    Now that GT is P/F for its preclinical years, how would one go about comparing/deciding between GT and Wake Forest? GT's newly-retired grading system seemed to be its biggest downfall in old threads. Any input is welcome. Thanks!
  35. W

    A fork in the road, what are my chances really?

    Hello everyone! I think this is my first posting in a long time, so please excuse if this is in the wrong place. I recently graduated from UT Austin (well, one online class left, will be finished in a week or two, but basically graduated). I've received an offer from a job in Washington D.C...
  36. U

    Georgetown SMP or Clinical Work Decision

    I am currently deciding if I should attend the Georgetown SMP or if I should work for a clinical practice in my gap year after completing my degree. I have a 3.61 GPA, 3.59 science GPA. My main question is: is my GPA too high for an SMP to be really helpful to my application? In the last year...
  37. R

    Georgetown MHSA

    Anyone know how the GU and GWU MHA programs compare?
  38. N

    Waitlist-Should I switch from MDPhD to MD

    I'm a waitlisted applicant for two programs at Georgetown: The MD PhD program, and their MD-only program. Does anyone here know if there is ever any movement on MD-PhD waitlists, or am I better off switching to the MD program to increase my chance of acceptance? I'm worried that while I am on...
  39. mdtobe1111

    Deciding on which SMP is best for me. GT or EVMS

    (Sorry accidentally posted in the wrong forum -- will be transferring other's responses below in case someone else is in a similar situation) Been reading as many threads as possible about different SMPs and low-gpa threads and have decided on going to an SMP next year. SDN friends - need your...
  40. mdtobe1111

    Which SMP is the best option for me? Georgetown or EVMS

    Been reading as many threads as possible about different SMPs and low-gpa threads and have decided on going to an SMP next year. SDN friends - need your help in assessing which SMP is best for me Some info about me: CA resident, graduated from undergrad about 3 years ago with a low ugrad/sgpa...