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Dec 25, 2018
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Hoping for some clarification regarding transfer of GI bill to beneficiaries. I did HPSP for medical school, civilian deferred for 4 yr residency, and now am paying back my 4 yrs active duty with the Air Force. I had no prior military service other than the typical IRR during medical school, so my pay stub currently says 6 yrs of service (I am two years into my ADSC). I enrolled in the Montgomery GI bill if that matters (my understanding is the timeline for transfer of benefits are the same between the Montgomery and post 9/11, but the difference is in how the benefits are paid out). My question is how much more time would I have to owe in order to be eligible to transfer benefits? And would it be the same timeline if I signed up for the reserves after my 4yr commitment? Thanks for the help. Go ‘Merica!

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6 years of service (active OR selected reserve) minimum to transfer. I think you would qualify at this point. You have to agree to an additional 4 years from that point for a total of 10 combined years. This 4 year adso is revocable at any point if you decide you don’t want to do the extra 4.

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