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Apr 10, 2004
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I was an active duty FS for 4 years and recently separated from AD. I'm starting residency in July and considering going ANG reserve as a flight surgeon while in residency. I've heard of people doing this, but when I look at the ANG website, or even the Air Force Reserve website they continually mention that you must be residency trained. Can anyone comment on this. I was pretty competent as a FS, deployed five times, and was pretty well decorated. It seems a bit crazy that I'm suddenly not qualified to do the same job in the Guard??


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Jul 23, 2004
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I can't speak for ANG, but you'd be accepted in ARNG in most states in a New York minute. If you are licensed and in residency, you can function.

Sorry, I don't know the Air Force side. I'm surprised by your description, though. A recent poster mentioned psychiatrists being eligible to function as FS in the ANG, which is more lax than the ARNG.