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Jun 20, 2012
Tuan has some free videos here:

Here's the DT CE I have taken so far. All free.

-Dental Marketing Summit Series Parts 1-7 by Howie Horrocks and Mark Dilatush
-High Velocity (Quality!) Dentistry by Dr. Chris Griffin
-Making it Easy for Patients to Say "Yes" by Dr. Paul Homoly
-Buying a Dental Practice: There is more to it than Price by Tim Lott
-Life as a Youg Dentist: How to be Successful in the Real World by Dr. Cari Callaway-Nelson
-Associates, Partnerships, Acquisitions, Oh My! by Jason Wood
-Dr. Farran's One-Day Dental MBA parts 1 and 2 by Howard Farran
-The Thriving Fee For Service Practice by Dr. Steve Rasner.
-Dental Office Design: What You Need to Know by HanH Tran
-The Productive Dentist (my favorite CE in this list) by Dr. Bruce Baird.
-Oral Cancer in the Dental Office - Dr. Fayette Williams
-Personal Disability Insurance: What Every Dentist Needs to Know -Dr. Ivan M. Kirshner
-Three Basic Emergency Medications You Should Know How to Use - Dr. Allan Schwartz.
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While CE can be a GREAT thing, just remember, if some of the CE topics you're seeking out (whether it be practice management as this thread is related to, or other dental topics) is also taught in your dental school, make sure when you're tested on the topic in dental school, that you remember WHAT YOUR D-SCHOOL PROFESSORS TAUGHT YOU, which may not be the same thing the CE lecturer said!

Once you've graduated, then you can really formulate your own opinion of CE material, using the critical thinking skills you hopefully acquired in d-school! Until then, remember what your instructors will be testing you on!! :sneaky: