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Jun 6, 2000
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Yes I have had good experiences in nursing. I really enjoyed working in the office setting. Better hours and no weekends are a plus. The pay is a little less, but I really enjoyed getting to know my patients and learned so much working along side a physician. There are alot of opportunities in office nursing where you are still up on your skills. For example, oncology practices where you administer chemo in the office or even first assisting in the OR with a surgeon. I really enjoyed nursing in these settings.


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Mar 25, 2000
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Once again, you may love what you do, but it puts a big damper on things when you can't afford to pay your bills. I loved what I did when I was working as an RN but, when I began getting dumped on with being in charge of a unit with 8-9 vent pts along with 8-9 floor pts with a young crew of about 5 nurses who could not find their but with both hands, and whom I was responsible for I got bad. Then to top it off I made more money when I waited tables in college than I was making there. You can find more enjoyable experiences as a office nurse, but these positions are going to pay even less!! I you want to work for just the fun of working your butt off then go to work in nursing.
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