May 16, 2012
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hi! I'm interested in getting an MPH in epidemiology and was looking for advice on my chances of getting into MPH programs now or any jobs/ programs I should do first before applying? Also what are some good epidemiology programs?

About me: Graduated 2010 from top 20 university, BA Government (minor biology and global health). Working since then in the grants department of a small non-profit health research organization.

Thank you!


Aug 20, 2011
Other Health Professions Student
Look into what kind of work within epidemiology you're drawn to (chronic/infectious, cancer, genetics, methods, general, etc.) From there, you can start looking into specific programs that offer you the best opportunity to study that. Take the time to read through the "Accepted/Applied" thread to get a sense of the schools that different people target with their demographics/stats.

I have a similar background to you and I know that many people I've met during visits have had about 1-2 years of post-bac work experience within a variety of backgrounds. So long as you can articulate your interest in epidemiology to schools, you should be in a good position.