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"What the hell is this OMT stuff??"

I asked if first year students see patients right off the bat, if students have the opportunity to shadow DO's during the first and second year, and if they do, do students have the opportunity to choose which specialty they shadow. If they have a problem based learning system you can ask them how they apply it to the teaching of medicine.

Be focused during the interview. Sometimes, if you're lucky enough to have an interviewer that goes off on tangents, they'll bring up topics that you can ask about later. When they ask if you have any questions say "yes, you mentioned about the school cafeteria earlier, i was wondering how easy it is to dine and dash in there...." etc.


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1. What is the relationship like between students and professors?
2. What is the relationship like between 1st and 2nd yer students?
3. What are the exam schedules like?
4. What activities are there on campus?

Anything regarding how happy the students are, how the campus functions, etc.

Good luck.
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A friend of mine was interviewed at AZCOM last year by three interviewers. Towards the end, she was asked "Do you have any questions for us?" My friend asked them "What quality would you like to see in a successful applicant?" As soon as she finished her question, there was a BIG burst of laughter from all interviewers. While they all smiled and said that it was not a fair question, the Director of Admission nevertheless volunteered to reply first something like "I can see you possess the quality that I am looking for in a successful applicant...., intelligence, compassion, blah, blah, blah" and the other two gave their answers to the question.

It was a very pleasant inteview for my friend. She knew the minute she walked out of the room that she would be accepted, and indeed she was.
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