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Dec 30, 2016
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I know this topic has been discussed in various forums in the past, but I wanted to bring it up again to view more current opinions. I am a 3rd-year dental student who is interested in a GPR/AEGD residency. I've read about the pros/cons and questions to ask, but is there any way to view all the programs and what they have to offer? When should I apply to PASS? Any advice or previous experiences would be appreciated.

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PASS opens around mid-May so that is when you can start working on your application. I did mine little by little and submitted July 1st. I liked doing it this way because I did not feel rushed and then was able to work on my supplementary applications. Pros due date for most programs was either Aug 1st or 15th, so I wanted all my stuff in a month early just in case something got lost. My best friend applied to AEGD and she worked on it over time in a similar way but did not submit until August b/c AEGD apps aren't due until later.

As far as viewing all the programs there is a PASS search engine ( that allows you to see the programs that participate in PASS. It gives you links to the program websites and some basic info.
The ADA also has a Survey of Advanced Dental Education excel sheet ( which you can download on that link. This was by far my favorite resource.

From there I just looked at the websites and searched info for each program I was interested in and compiled relevant information in a word doc.

You will not get a true idea of what program fits you until you actually see the program either by externing or interviewing there. I visited 3 programs during my DS3 year and ended up not applying to one of them bc I realized it did not fit what I was looking for. I have heard similar things from those in my class who applied to AEGD programs.