3rd year

  1. M

    Helpful Book for 3rd Year of Medical School/Clinical Rotations

    Book is called Honors: The Social Game of Medical School (see Amazon link below or search for it yourself on Amazon) Third year of medical school stands as the most arduous obstacle to ensuring a good residency match and, thus, a great job and future. Up until this year, doing well in school...
  2. Y

    Need opinion: residency chances in California...I am a DO, but I know Cali has MD bias.

    Hello everyone, I am posting this because I am currently mid-way through my third year, and I want to do some drastic things for my 4th year. So I am posting on here to know if they are worth it and if I have a chance to get back to Cali. First off, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, all...
  3. Spectreman

    Do people match into back ups without a Sub-I?

    If you’re pushing for a reach field, but want to play it safe and have a relatively competitive backup, can you do that without giving up 1 or 2 auditions for that field? I’m 508/225 in 3rd year doing relatively well. My school’s surgery chair thinks I have a real shot at Gen Surge with my...
  4. Rads Consult

    Free Radiology Clinical Decision Support Tool/How, What, and Why to Order Advanced Imaging

    www.radsconsult.com is the only medical resource of its kind that is both comprehensive and free. Nearly every physician orders imaging routinely during the care of their patients however there is no formal training in how, what or why to order an exam. Many physicians and students don't even...
  5. R

    Top 5 Mistakes Students Make on their Radiology Elective

    Let me preface this by saying that I am a radiology attending who has been very involved in medical education throughout my career from resident, to fellow to now. I have worked at big academic centers as well as community programs and have spoken to many of my radiology friends about these...
  6. F

    MS3 Shift to Ortho - No mentors no research

  7. P

    3rd/4th Year Clinical Rotation Help!

    Has anyone done 3rd/4th year clinical rotations at either Poplar Bluff, Mo or Searcy, Ar and what was your experience?
  8. G

    Help wanted for improving healthcare with AI

    We are looking for medical professionals (MS3,MS4,MD,DO,NP,PA) who are interested in contributing to an innovative project with a goal of improving healthcare through machine learning/artificial intelligence. If you are interested in this opportunity (PAID, remote, flexible), please inquire...
  9. D

    Chances for UoP?

    I am currently a junior graduating a year early with a BA in Chemistry but not a CA resident I currently have a 3.64 cGPA and 3.58 sGPA and 3.53 BCP GPA First year GPA: 3.49 with 18 credit hours both semesters and 12 additional for the summer (48 hours) Second year GPA: 3.79 with 20 and 21...
  10. P

    Chances of matching into an academic Ob/gyn program

    Hello everyone. So I've seen quite a few people posting about their chances of matching into their desired specialty but I haven't quite seen someone in my situation. So I come from a pretty small medical school in the midwest, not top 40. I got a 224 on the USMLE Step 1 in June of 2017...
  11. iamironman

    APGO vs ACOG questions for ObGyn Shelf/step 2 CK. Which one?

    I recently came to know about APGO and ACOG questions. Which of them are useful for the ObGyn shelf exam and Step 2 CK? I heard some ppl referring to ACOG questions to do before starting UW. Is this helpful to use any/both of these 2 (APGO and ACOG) to use for shelf and CK?
  12. S

    MD & DO Specialties In Medicine Podcast

    Hello Fellow Medical Students< We are two 3rd year medical students tasked with the decision of our lifetimes’: choosing which specialty in medicine we will ultimately pursue. Despite our limited exposure and lack of first hand accounts in the numerous fields of medicine, we are forced to...
  13. B

    GPR/AEGD Programs

    I know this topic has been discussed in various forums in the past, but I wanted to bring it up again to view more current opinions. I am a 3rd-year dental student who is interested in a GPR/AEGD residency. I've read about the pros/cons and questions to ask, but is there any way to view all the...
  14. N

    Can I apply after sophmore year?

  15. Penelopek2

    Advice for matching in Ophthalmology 2017

    Step 1: 240 Med Program: Top 10 Grades: passed all courses (pass/fail) ECs: Nothing special Research: Nothing Optho relevant :/ Letters of Rec: bigwig letter but not specifically in Ophtho Hi Everyone, I'm a 3rd year looking for advice on matching in Ophthalmology in 2017. I decided fairly...
  16. HereWeGo21

    3rd year competition

    Has anyone dealt with competition against other students in 3rd year? I'm definitely detecting some. For one, this one girl always stays late, like two hours past when her shift ends. Like, I've heard about "arriving early and staying late", but I'm not sure if she's in the right here. Sure, if...
  17. D

    Clinical Rotations by School

    Hello all, after going through DO school and being a resident for a bit, I have noticed that the single most determining factor to DO perception and success in residency stems from the 3rd and 4th year clinical rotations. In all honesty, this is the major difference between DO and MD training...