gpr programs

  1. wengerout

    Best GPR's in NYC?

    What are the best program in NYC for molar endo, implants, and cosmetics/veneers?
  2. StraightFlossin

    OHSU GPR 3 Post-Match Positions. Portland, Oregon

    OHSU GPR has 3 post-match positions available. contact Sarah Wilkinson, residency coordinator [email protected]
  3. dienepredent


  4. Z

    GPR vs A Family Owned Practice

    Hi eveyone! Just looking for a bit of advice. I'm a D3 and I had originally intended on coming straight out of school and joining a practice owned by my parent. But after going to school and being in the clinic I am starting to wonder if I am going to feel confident enough in my skills to...
  5. Java 55

    GPR 2017 Immediate Opening NYC

    Immediate opening. PGY1. Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY. Please contact Residency Program Administrator, Nadia Dribinskaya. [email protected].
  6. 56101991

    ADEA PASS: Is it possible to have two different letters of rec from the same professor?

    I'm applying to both GPRs and ENDO programs and want one professor to write separate LORs for each. PASS is not letting me request two letters from the same professor....any way around this?
  7. S

    GPR University of Washington Residents

    Does anybody have any inside information into the GPR program that UW offers?
  8. K

    How hard is it to get a GPR these days?

    So for all you that have recently graduated, how hard is it to get into a GPR assuming I attend a new dental school (touro)? I also prefer to have a GPR in NYC/Tri State area. MUCH APPRECIATED:):):)
  9. B

    GPR/AEGD Programs

    I know this topic has been discussed in various forums in the past, but I wanted to bring it up again to view more current opinions. I am a 3rd-year dental student who is interested in a GPR/AEGD residency. I've read about the pros/cons and questions to ask, but is there any way to view all the...
  10. A

    aegd/ gpr

    any idea of how early we could start applying for next cycle through PASS? AEGD or GPR programs
  11. O


    Available Positions for Harlem Hospital Center's Dental GPR!!!! (US and Canadian Dental Students) for a July 1, 2016 start date. Official board scores, undergrad and dental school transcripts, a deans' letter, 2-letters of recommendation and a personal statement are necessary. A brief...
  12. F

    Information on Dental GPRs in Brooklyn

    Hello. I am applying to general residency programs in the NYC area, mostly in Brooklyn. Simply put, I'm wondering if anyone has any information on the programs there other than what is written on their websites. You know, the inside scoop ;) For completion's sake, I'll list all eleven of...

    AEGD/GPR Programs for Foreign Trained Dentists 2016

    As a foreign trained dentist I had to do quite a bit of research to be able to apply to all these programs. This is a list of programs I was able to find that accepted foreign graduates. Although this list is current and accurate for the application year 2016-2017, I reccomend doing your own...