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Oct 9, 2006
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Will the military accept a GPR? I know they have AEGD programs...but what if I decided to apply for a GPR after dschool and then start my payback? I know i'm still totally new at this dental school thing but I figure it couldnt hurt to at least get some of the research out of the way. Ya know? Do both have similiar benefits long in, post-military career (assuming I decide to get out..who knows)? Basically I'm trying to figure out, or at least WILL try to figure out, which will be better in the long run. I know a GPR is different from an AEGD..and even AEGD's/GPRs are different from other AEGD/GPRs. Is it basically coming down to what your interests and what you are lookin to do?

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I had a friend who did the Navy GPR at Camp Pendelton and hated it. It was mostly hospital based and a lot of oral surgery. Part of it may have been the location though. He lived about 20 minutes off base and Camp Pendelton is huge, it's about a 45 min drive from the gate to the hospital. So whenever he was on call he had to sleep at the hospitl and he was on call alot during the program. He just got accept to an OS residency on the civilian side so I guess that probably helped him some in the long run.

I think the Navy is the only service that has GPR's.
The AF offers 2 (I think) GPR slots. A true GPR is a lot of hospital based dentistry. It maybe good for those who want to be a hospital dentist (seperate 2 yr fellowship in the AF). If you want to be a general dentist who knows a decent amount about everything, I would recommend the AEGD. Remember, these are even different among the branches. The even differ in the same branch based on location. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!