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Jun 8, 2003
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hey ya all
I think there were some discussions about the importance of grades in pharmacy school. Pharmacy/medical/dental schools, grades do not matter at all as long as you pass the classes.
The only time grades matter (like getting Bs and As) is when you want to get into competitive residency and/or further academic studies like phd.
When a pharmacy chain is interviewing you, they won't ask about your grades unless you want to tell them. Also, getting A's does not give you any advantage in negotiating higher salary. Getting a higher salary depends on many other factors and not grades.
This is what I have been told. Correct me if I am wrong


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Jul 22, 2003
Peoria, AZ
Not having to worry about straight A's is the one thing that makes pharmacy school a little less stressful than undergrad. When there's no incentives of scholarships or worrying about pharmacy school acceptance, it makes studying a little bit easier sometimes. ;)
Of course to make up for it - there's plenty of other things that make it more stressful than undergrad.:eek:
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