Grades for getting into post-bac programs


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Mar 10, 2004
Arlington, VA
I graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2002 and have been working, but I have been considering medicine for a while now since it was a second choice before choosing computer science.

I struggled quite a bit my first two years at college till I switched majors and performed well. My in-major GPA was around 3.4. My overall GPA is still rather low though (around a 2.4), so I know I am below most all post bac program requirements. I also know that in order to get into medical school I would have to perform extremely well in any post bac program.

Basically, my question is that how do schools feel about someone taking classes at their university in general as an outsider. I was considering doing that, and once I have proof that I can perform well at their university in those courses, officially apply into their post bac program.

How do universities feel about going along this path? I know I will probably have to talk to the advisors of each program individually, but I wanted to know if there is anyone out there that has any advice or that has gone through a similar situation (and how did it turn out for you so far)?

Also, along these lines, are there any particular schools that people could suggest in the DC/MD/VA area or Boston rea that would cater to this idea?

And with my low GPA from undergrad, would medical schools still give me a fair shake? (This will probably also mean a good MCAT score is a must)

Thanks for all your help, and if anyone has any other suggestions about how I should be looking into all of this, please tell me.


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Jan 30, 2004
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The master's program at MCV would probably consider you. PM me if you want details, but I would say if you get above a 27 you have a chance, getting in is not tough...doing well is another story. :)
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