guidance for florida dental hygiene license

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Mar 27, 2004
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have done my dental from india
cleared my part 1 [90]
about to start studying for part 2
am a resident of florida
i heard that a person who is a dental graduate from outside and if cleared part 1 and 2 is eligible for gettinga license as adental hygienist in florida.
can somebody let me knoe the steps and the related links
i tried searching the net but was unsuccessful

thank you

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I got this info from this page, hope it helps!.

An applicant shall be entitled to take the examination required in this section to practice dental hygiene in Florida if he/she:

Is 18 years of age or older;
Is a graduate of a dental hygiene college or school accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Dental Association or its successor agency, if any;
Has successfully completed the National Board of Dental Hygiene examination within 10 years of the date of application.
Foreign graduates of a non-accredited dental college or school must demonstrate 5 years of postsecondary education, 4 years of which must have been dental education. The applicant must have successfully completed either the National Board of Dental Hygiene examination or the National Board of Dental Examiners dental examination, within 10 years of date of application.

Once qualified, an applicant must successfully complete the following to be licensed as a dental hygienist in this state:

A written examination on the laws and rules of the state regulating the practice of dental hygiene.
A practical or clinical examination, which shall be administered and graded by dentists and dental hygienists licensed in this state and employed by the department for just such purpose.
The candidate will be required to perform a complete prophylaxis. In addition, root planing will be evaluated on four approved teeth.

Aren't you going to apply to any schools with those scores???
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i am applying for the next tyear
but am preparing for the worst
can earn some money
what abt u

thanks a million
Same boat, I studying for part 1, so I still have a couple of obstacles to hurdle through,before I apply to any University. So in the mean time I took the hygiene board and im working as as dental hygienist while im preparing to take the exam hopefully in December or when I feel ready.

Any pointers, study related??
i studied from the text books
i cocentrated a lot on them
then u have the decks
do the papers very well
i guess u r also based in florida
did u take the hygiene exam for the license
how smooth was it for u
Smooth as velveta cheese!. he he. the dental hygiene board its much easier than the old released dental exams. the clinical portion as well was not difficult. So overall Its not vey difficult. you will do fine. and you will be able to pay the bills. :thumbup:
I am a foreign trained dentist . I stay in Texas but i am planning to move to Florida . So i am planning to take the florida dental hygiene board exam but i dont know what are the books i need to follow for dental hygiene license exam . At the same time how can i take preparation for the clinical dental hygiene board . I am outside of dental field for last 3 years . Can anyone give me the information and some good advice . Thanks in advance ........