Jun 3, 2010
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Hi people,
Came across this forum by chance one day and have been quite hooked onto it since. I am a physiotherapist from India with a bachelors from Sri Ramchandra University. Wanted to do higher studies in the US and have been in quite a soup from then. You have to take my word when I say its quite a drawn out process. I can see a small ray of light in the tunnel only now after a long time. Let me not bore you people with my travails any longer though... Am looking for some guidance here.

My profile is:
GRE- 1070
Had applied for transcript evaluation from WES and got the mail just today. Had a history of around 4 backlogs though cleared them all. The WES document states that the backlogs are not considered when calculating the GPA. Will be helpful if someone can clear the air over this.

Work exp of 3 years- May 2007 to May 2010.

LOR- 1 from my college principal and two from the hospital I had worked in (One from the orthopaedic chief,who was the head of the department and another from the Executive Director of the hospital).

That was a brief profile and now with that out of the way,I'll list the schools applied for.

1.Texas Woman's Univ
2.New York Institute of Technology
4.Univ. of Pittsburgh

Do I stand a chance of getting through for the spring'11 session? :thumbup: or :thumbdown:???


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Dec 19, 2008
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You have no chance.....if you want to start in the SPRING. Because MGH, Pitt, NYIT start in the summer. Unless that's what you meant. And if it is what you meant, then I can say that Pitt is pretty tough to get accepted to. I did not apply to Pitt (my stats are not high). Im not sure about the other 3.

Im pretty sure that you being a physiotherapist for three years is a great advantage.
Jun 3, 2010
Rehab Sci Student
Hey Jbizzle thanks for taking the time to reply. The fact is,being from India, am not too sure about the required details. Summer 2011 is an option I can consider and I do have it in mind. The main doubts I had was whether my profile would be able to get through. Information regarding international applicants for PT is next to nothing even in this age of google. And also looking forward to some interactions to get a better idea about PT in the states from this forum.

p.s. 40% pay cuts????:scared:
Aug 29, 2010
Hey there,

Looking at your profile, and the schools you have applied to, I would not be too optimistic. MGH and Pitt are top programs, so I would apply to a few more programs to be sure.

It seems like you did get above a 1000 on your GRE, but PT schools like to see a stronger math profile than verbal. In addition, your GPA is good but not great, so you will be competing with people who had GREs over 1200s and GPAs higher than 3.6s.

I don't want to discourage you, but applying to such prestigious programs may be tough, because they will usually solely look at numbers first, and if you don't make the cut for the GPA and GRE scores they are looking for, they won't look at the rest of your application.