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Jul 15, 2020
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Hi! I am a recently accepted PT student and am looking at getting a new laptop for PT school. I am not the most tech-savvy person so I am looking for any advice possible.
I've heard really good things about the iPad Pro but am hesitant on switching from a laptop to a tablet. All advice/insight is welcome!

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Just stick to what you are comfortable with. You only will need a video player, adobe reader, power point, and spelling check for your assignments.
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I typically used an ipad pro for all of the classes but had my old laptop as well that I would type papers on. The one benefit to the ipad pro was that I could type (got a cheap keyboard for it) and the pencil was nice to have to draw diagrams and further work on labeling notes if needed. Many of my classmates had ipads/surfaces but those with laptops were fine too. Long story short, as previous poster said as well, go with what you are comfortable with and if your current items work fine, try them first and see how it goes. Saving money never hurts.
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Congratulations on your acceptance.

If you are like me (ie. not too tech-savvy as you say you are) then you're probably better off with a laptop. My brother bought an iPad and a chromebook because he IS tech-savvy, but I see him mostly using a desktop or laptop for actual work, typing etc cause of the comfort level of it. If he's studying a textbook then iPad with the pen works for him.

As for me, I bought my first ever personal (one I can call my own) laptop this year, which cost me about 600. It's durable, fast and I feel comfortable using it. Also, consider you're past experience with laptop vs with smart technology. You can definitely buy an iPad with a keyboard and it will be a laptop, if that's your thing. Chromebook is too small for studies, so buyer beware. Laptop is the most professional in my opinion. Then again, like my brother, an option could be some sort of tablet (iPad) for textbook and other notes, as well as a laptop for work (if it's within your budget range). Hope this helps.