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Apr 2, 2016
Hello all, I'm just wondering if anyone here has written a self-help book, published or not, and what their experience was like doing so. I have been aware of my therapeutic practices evolving significant over time into a current format that involves the patient doing quite a bit of structured tracking and goal setting which I feel could easily be adapted into a book or workbook format that would be fairly distinct from anything currently available that I am aware of. I have been writing in a semi-structured manner during occasional down time for about a month and already have around 12,000 words with a lot of thoughts left in my mind, so this seems like something I could finish in a year or so. This is never something I planned to do or really know anything about, at this point it's more just a way of putting my thoughts down and structuring myself but I do believe it could useful to others someday. I would be interested in any experiences or perspective people could share with me. Thanks!
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Jan 24, 2012
I have not published a self-help book (yet) but I am familiar with the process from having researched it. Here's the key to success: you do not need a completed manuscript in order to receive a book deal for non-fiction publications.

Search for agents who are looking to publish self-help in your area of specialty. Research how to write a book synopsis. Most non-fiction agents will also request a table of contents.

At that point, they may deny you, request changes, or accept the proposal. Then you can write the book.

In the fiction world, it's the opposite. You have to write an entire book and hope that an agent will see the magic in it. I am both a psychologist and a fiction author, and I know this pain all too well.

Good luck with the process, and please let me know if you have any further questions.