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Sep 18, 2019
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I need help haha. I got into Salus, IU, UAB, Nova, and hopefully will be accepted to SCO as well! I am a resident of Florida so Nova is closest but I am not too interested aside from it potentially being the cheapest if I do receive a scholarship. I've narrowed it down to UAB, Nova, and SCO if I do get accepted. Here is a generalized list of what I think of the schools so far.

UAB- lowest cost with a scholarship so far! Love the small class size and had a great time interacting with all the faculty and students at my interview as well as getting a virtual tour of their updated facilities. Not sure of the city but not scared of it.

SCO- Best program by far, have been on top of it from the beginning. School clearly is only made for optometry only which is excellent so there is no question on funding and all information is readily available on their website. Faculty and staff I have talked to are very sweet and welcoming, the clinic is huge and the board pass rate is phenomenal. Only drawback is the city of Memphis which does not seem very safe and I am very small and kidnappable lol.

NSUCO- Very cold and unwelcoming. Had to work extremely hard to get any information as far as current tuition rates or scholarship information. I feel like I'll be just a number there and board pass rate isn't great. I do work with a lot of graduates of Nova that have all been incredible, but none of them recommend the school because of the changes occurring with the dean and administration changes. It is a high cost of living as well but close to my family which would be nice.

Any advice or input?


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Sep 3, 2020
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I would go for the best program, so SCO. UAB with the lowest cost also sounds great because student debt sucks. There's many optometry student instagram pages and probably on FB and blogs and such, I suggest reaching out to current students.