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  1. A

    4 C's so far in undegrad

    Hello, I am currently a senior in college. My goal is to go to optometry school, but I am worried 4 C's will hold me back. So far I have gotten a C+ in an ecology and evolution class, and C's in ochem 1&2 and in biochem. I took biochem this semester, when everything transitioned to being...
  2. oceanviewer 80

    Help Choosing a School!

    I need help haha. I got into Salus, IU, UAB, Nova, and hopefully will be accepted to SCO as well! I am a resident of Florida so Nova is closest but I am not too interested aside from it potentially being the cheapest if I do receive a scholarship. I've narrowed it down to UAB, Nova, and SCO if I...
  3. M

    USA optometry schools

    Hi guys, I am going to my third year of undergrad this fall. My GPA is 3.5 with the possibility of it going up or down a bit. Initially, I wanted to study I/O Psychology and get a Ph.D. in it. However, it's been a couple of months that I fell in love with optometry and I genuinely enjoy doing...
  4. optostudent2020

    Financial Resources for Optometry School?

    Hello everyone! I’m an incoming OD class of 2024 and I’m so excited to start my education this year! That being said, I am well aware of the cost of said education. My federal aid only yielded loans and my school’s scholarship website only has specific scholarships that don’t apply to me. How...
  5. F

    Alternate List/ Waitlist Post Interview for MWU AZCOPT Class of 2024

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone else was placed on an alternate list/ waitlist for class of 2024 after interviewing at Midwestern's optometry program in Arizona. -If so, how long did it take for you to come off the list (if you did come off)? -Is it because all the seats filled up for...
  6. O

    SCCO vs. UC Berkeley

    Hi everyone, I just got into both SCCO and UC Berkeley for the class of 2024 :) But I am very torn between the two so any insight would be extremely helpful! SCCO Pros: - can save money on commuting; college is only 15 min away and clinic is even closer at 8 min away - great city/feel...
  7. K

    Chances of getting into opto school?

    Hi my name is Karen, and I just joined this forum since it has been helpful for me to see my future options. I have recently hit a low point and am not sure if I should still try to make it into optometry school. I currently have a 3.4ish cumulative GPA and a 3.1ish science GPA. I'm currently...
  8. There's No Eye In Team

    UIWRSO Class of 2023

    Any other new RSO students-to-be..?
  9. EyeSeeWhatYouDidThere

    UIWRSO Class of 2023

  10. R

    Revoking scholarships & acceptances?

    I posted something similar to this before but now I've finished my last semester and am starting my new one. So I've been accepted to ICO, NECO, both with $40k scholarships. I'm kind of worried because I dropped 3 classes in the fall, I was originally in 5 classes and so I'm only going to get a...
  11. EyeSeeWhatYouDidThere

    Disclosing Depression/Anxiety Issues In Optometry School Application

    On OptomCAS, some optometry programs include the following question: "Provide any additional information that may assist the Admissions Committee in evaluating your application." I feel that disclosing my previous issues with depression is essential to understanding me as an applicant due to...
  12. B

    What are my chances? (low GPA)

    Hi there, Currently applying to optometry school and curious about my chances. Overall GPA: 2.9 Science GPA: 2.61 OAT: 340 AA/ 340 TS I have about 300 hours of optometric work/shadowing experience and 400 hours of volunteer experience. Anyone know if there's even a chance for me to get an...
  13. optomize

    Ohio State University (OSU Optometry)- PROS/CONS

    I dont see much about OSU on SDN....Does anyone have any info about OSU? What are the pros/cons? Any major negatives?
  14. R

    Cheapest Optometry school for Canadians & Scholarships

    Hi I'm a 4th year Canadian student and I've applied to NECO, ICO, Indiana, and Salus. I've gotten interviews from all schools, and have already attended Salus' interview. I want to know which schools are cheapest for Canadians, and if there is cheaper schools not on my list please list them as...
  15. ElyssaGabrielle

    B.A vs B.S in Biology for Optometry School

    Hello! I recently switched to a B.A in biology due to my hours accumulated in Spanish and because I have interest in taking some business courses and this would allow for it. I currently have a 3.45 GPA and will be taking the OAT this summer and start applying. I was wondering if there's any...
  16. R

    Essay for supplemental ICO

    Hi I was wondering if I could have someone willing to read over my supplemental essay to ICO. DM ME. Thanks any feedback is greatly appreciated
  17. A

    HIGH GPA but somewhat average OAT scores?

    Hi all! I took the OAT yesterday and safe to say, I am somewhat disappointed in my results... Biology: 290 Gen Chem: 280 Organic Chem: 340 Reading Comp: 310 Physics: 250 QR: 370 Total Sciences: 280 AA: 310 I took 4 practice exams with Princeton Review's OAT CRACKER and scored much higher in...
  18. E

    What do optometry schools look for when screening you for interviews?

    Hey guys! Does anyone know what schools look at when screening candidates for interviews? Is it just GPA’s and OAT scores? My situation is that I don’t have a consistent grade trend. Some semesters I did well and others I didn’t. I also have some D’s and F’s that I’ve retaken a little too...
  19. I

    Chances of getting in?

    Hi! I will be applying in a few weeks when the application opens for the 2018-2019 cycle, and just wanted to get some opinions on where I stand. I just finished my third year at OSU with a cumulative GPA of 3.49, and got a 350 (88th percentile) on my OAT. I have approximately 100 hours of...
  20. R

    Canadian Student

    Hi all. I'm a 3rd year biology Canadian student looking to apply to Optometry schools both Waterloo and US schools. I'm trying to figure out what schools and how many schools I should apply to this summer. My GPA right now is at a 3.7, I will be taking the OAT in August. I've got three...
  21. ElyssaGabrielle

    Tell me about UIW Optometry School :)

    Hey y'all! I just finished my sophomore year of undergrad and I'm starting to look at schools that I'm interested in to make sure I'm taking the pre-recs since they vary from school to school. Being that I'm from Texas, Hispanic, Pre-Optometry, and a hardcore Catholic, I feel like UIW is...
  22. D

    Letters of Recommendation HELP !

    Hello everyone, If you guys read my last post, you know I feel insecure and worried about applying to optometry school because I don't have the strongest of grades. I am asking people for letters of recombination, but I am having a tough time. I asked my Developmental Psychology Professor...
  23. L

    SCO - suggestions for apartments on Mud Island/Harbor Town?

    Hey guys! Anyone have experience with apartments on Mud Island? I'll be driving across the country with all my stuff to move here and could use some tips on which complexes are nice to look out for
  24. L

    SCO waitlist/recent acceptance thread

    Hey guys! :) I was recently accepted on SCO's waitlist since the class is already full with deposits. Anyone else on the waitlist? Or planning on going somewhere else / dropping your spot? Also, does anyone know typically how many people on the waitlist they accept each year? Or heard of...
  25. L

    Confused about ICO tuition costs

    I was recently accepted to ICO and NECO and now comparing the two. For the longest time I thought NECO was going to be more expensive, but it's looking to be the opposite. I thought Chicago's slightly lower cost of living compared to Boston would even things out, but ICOs tuition is super high...
  26. L

    Applicationstation background check?

    Did anyone else get this? Just received an email and when I logged in to the applicationstation site and it has a $150 background check fee. The part that confuses me is the email said I was being sent it because I was "conditionally accepted" to a school however it doesn't say what school, and...
  27. L

    How fast does optometry school go by and is there anything you wished you did while still there?

    Recent grads and ODs, anything you wish you did while looking back? Any other tips for surviving the 4 years? (or residency?)
  28. L

    How soon to hear ICO acceptance? And financial aid question

    Hey guys. So I just interviewed at ICO and they mentioned we would be able to find out acceptances the first week of April. Has anyone had the experience of hearing back sooner from them? Also does anyone know if the loan amounts your approved for significantly varies by school? For example I...
  29. L

    SCO medical district safe?

    Hey guys. I have an interview coming up with SCO and I'm staying in the medical district near the school. Is this safe? I couldn't find anything bad in the reviews. I'm going by myself and never been to Memphis before. Also a female and not very intimidating looking at all lol but I do have...
  30. L

    NECO vs ICO?

    Hey guys! So I was accepted to NECO but also have an interview coming up with ICO and need to make some big decisions soon. Anyone have any thoughts, opinions or recommendations to share on which program I should choose?
  31. L

    Are you on low monthly payments and saving up for the loan forgiveness tax bomb?

    Anyone with high loans amount or anyone you know doing the loan forgiveness over 25 years or paying them off right away? I'm talking 200-250k+ loans when combined with undergrad. Financial aid website says it ends up coming out to the same amounts of money paid off other than the tax bomb at...
  32. L

    Is it better to fill out FAFSA before or after you are accepted to optometry school?

    I have a feeling I should just submit it ASAP regardless of acceptance but not sure if that would negatively affect my aid. Anyone else put multiple schools on their FAFSA? My interviews so far don't start until March so I probably won't be accepted until mid-late March.
  33. B

    Traditional Laptop vs iPad for Note-Taking?

    I will be attending SCO starting this coming fall and I had a question for those of you who are already in optometry colleges or have graduated! For in-class note taking, what would you recommend; a laptop or an iPad? I currently have a MacBook Pro but would be open to getting an iPad. Also...
  34. L

    Concerned about tuition - what are some good schools to apply for out of state?

  35. L

    Anyone heard of someone getting accepted for the following year if a class fills up?

    Just curious if this was something that has happened when classes start to get too large but the school would like to accept you. I couldn't find any info elsewhere. For example, someone applies for Fall 2018 but instead gets accepted to start Fall 2019 instead of making you submit all your...
  36. B

    Type of Bag Used in Optometry College?

    Hello everyone, I will be attending SCO starting this coming fall and I had a question for those of you who are already in optometry colleges or have graduated from them! The question is: what type of bag did you use/would recommend for optometry school, a traditional backpack or a messenger...
  37. L

    Anyone receive interviews before taking the OAT?

    I submitted in November and have heard back from a couple schools about how they are waiting for the rest of my materials. (OAT will be taken soon, LORs were recently finished) Anyone know if they might extend interviews before OAT or how long after receiving your scores they will reach out to...
  38. L

    What are common extenuating circumstances listed on applications?

    In many of the applications there is a section asking about extenuating circumstances in your academic record. Do people commonly fill this one? What are good reasons schools appreciate reading? I happened to leave this blank on mine because I didn't want to make any excuses for myself. However...
  39. L

    Anyone submitted optomcas with only 2 LOR requests logged and then requested the 3rd LOR later on?

    Hi everyone. Things are wrapping up for me with applications, I'm trying to get my application submitted by this weekend so that I don't approach the late bracket. So far I have 2 professors writing me letters of recommendation and will have both their names/emails in the evaluator section by...
  40. L

    Does an optometrist LOR have to be one that you shadowed?

    I'm requesting some of my LORs currently so that I can get my applications submitted soon. I have 2 optometrists in mind, although I technically did not shadow either of them. (Worked often with them though) NECO mentions that they require a shadowed optometrist LOR on their website. This got...