Help deciding which univ to choose in the usa for mph

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May 24, 2009
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hey guys, i dont have the slightest idea how is the MPH program at Drexel. am from a general Biology background, with a little bit of bio tech courses.

i wana get into research, want to do surely do a phd. i have got thry Univ of alabama at birmingham, drexel: got a 15k per year deans award, emory, univ of north texas and awaiting texas a and m. Emory is too costly almost abt 50k for two years. so its out of the option, am not too sure abt that decision of mine, knowing emory's reputation, would love some help.

please tell me

1. the best univ amongst i have selected, considering i want to get into research, anywhere in the usa.

2. is keeping emory out of the option a good idea?

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