Help - phone interview with a faculty member who is not a listed POI


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Jan 24, 2013
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    So I received a message last night from a faculty member who does research in the field in which my job is currently in but not really in the field in which I'm interested in going into. I didn't name her as a POI on my personal statement and I made it pretty clear on the application that my main research interests lay elsewhere, but she still called and expressed interest in talking with me, likely because my current research is in her area and I'd otherwise be a good fit for her because of that.

    I really like the program itself and would love to interview there but I'm not sure how to approach talking with her when I call her back. Her research is interesting but I'm a little tired of the area itself and I am much more passionate about what her colleagues that I named on my statement are doing. I don't want to pretend but I also don't want to ruin my chances of interviewing with the program by telling her that I don't want to work with her, which may not even be true because what if she's a great adviser regardless?

    Anyway, sorry for my rambling post but does anyone have any advice about how I should approach this phone call? Anyone been in a similar situation?

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