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Help Pls!!

corona 247

SDN Angel
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Feb 23, 2004
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I am interested in going to a DO school yet also applied to MS schools. Going over interview responses on the Medical Interview web page, i noticed that many DO schools asked teh quest.: How many MD and DO schools did you apply to and why DO over MD?

DO DO schools have information beforhand telling them which schools i applied to -- do they have acces to the list of schools i had my AACOMAS sent to?

Those of you accepted to DO schools, what were your answers to the above quest?

Thanks so much


Blade Slinger
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Apr 26, 2002
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Yeah they might ASK you...

I can't say for sure that there's not some kind of amcas/aacomas underground network. Even if there is, legally they would have to let you know about it if they were going to make a decision based on it IMHO.

Just be honest. You'll do fine.
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Jan 8, 2004
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For COMP, their seconday asked you to list the MD and DO programs that you applied to. Just be honest. DO schools know that a lot of their applicants apply to both DO and MD schools. For me, I applied to both because in the begining, I could not decide which one I wanted. But after some time, I saw that DO suited me best. And thats what I told them, and they'll respect it. No one ever applies to just one school. Schools know you apply to many to increase your chances. Just be honest.


i'm sure tehy have the info about the schools u applied to.i just applied to DO schools.

i was surprised by an interviewers response when i told him names of all the schools i applied to.he simply said "so u do remember them all!".if it was supposed to be a joke, it wasn't funny!if not, i wonder what he had for breakfast that morning.anyway, my response was a polite smile.
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