help! which jobs will help you for the board exams? - retail or hospital?


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May 7, 2003
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i am currently a 2nd yr pharm student - working for a retail chain right now part time. i am thinking of switching to hospital (because i want to learn how to mix IVs, etc - to prepare for my future classes)..also, i was wondering which one (retail or hospital) will help you the most w/ board exams later on after graduation? any information is greatly appreciated! thanx! ;)


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Apr 16, 2004

I am currently a Pre-Pharmacy student and I am workign at a hospital as a Pharmacy Technician. I also did my 5 months internship at Eckerd while I was in High School. From both retail and hospital I like hospital better, because you can learn so much different stuff that you haven't learn in retail before. From my understanding, in retail you just have all outpatient drugs, however; in hospital you get to see all the drugs they use in medical industry (suppositories, non-formiluries, liquids, inhelars, eye drops, ear drops, IV fluids, norcotics, Contral substances, & etc.). So, I personally worked at both retail and hospital I can just tell you that hospital is where you can find all the drugs you need and where you can learn many things that you didn't ever learned in retail.

So, I guess this can help you!!!


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Aug 14, 2003
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Any practical experience you can get will help you.

However, be advised that the board exam incorperates common errors in
their questions to TRIP YOU UP. Examples include rounding errors 480mls for
a pint. 30 grams for an ounce....
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