Help with applying to FM residencies after a contract non-renewal

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Aug 13, 2006
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I have completed one year of FM residency but I was not given full credit. Now I am applying for residency positions again. I am looking for support, advice, and recommendations. I do not want to give too much information about myself or my situation on-line.

I contacted my medical school and so far I have not gotten a response.

My program director from my last FM program said she would help and write me a letter of recommendation.

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Without getting credit for that intern year of FM residency you are going to be back in applying for a PGY-1 position in the Match. Is there anyway you can appeal or ask to get credit for that year? If you had credit for that year that would open other doors to apply for a PGY-2 position, get a medical license in some states, or apply for other residencies like occupational medicine that can credit your PGY-1 year.

If that cannot be done then I recommend apply broadly and getting as much support as you can from your previous mentors and any residency faculty that can go to bat for you. Your personal statement will need to address the reason your contract was not renewed. For example if mental health was a cause you would need to outline the steps you have taken to address this. You will need the letter from your previous program director. Good luck.
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