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Water good...
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Jul 14, 2002
Barnes and Noble, studying as usual.
  1. Medical Student
Hey all---

I have some questions about the logistical part of applying. I will be graduating this August, have finished all my prereqs and done a ton of extracurricular: shadowing, volunteering, leadership, clubs, nursing assistant, phlebotomy, etc. I have not yet begun seriously studying for the MCAT yet because I just got married and moved to another state/university, and have been trying to settle in.
My questions are:
1)Should I bust it and try to take the MCAT in August (April, really, would be unrealistic)
2)Would it be more feasible to wait a year for the April, and study like gangbusters (and save up some money/do more shadowing).

I guess I'm asking if it would be realistic to try and still do everything this year or if waiting would be better.

Thanks for your suggestions


Fitter Happier
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 10, 2004
The Sea
5 months of studying should be much more than sufficient for achieving a score high enough to gain admission. I'd get the Kaplan books, take the course over the summer if you do well in lecture, and definitely take it in August. Then you can still get in for Fall 2005, instead of having to wait a year. Good luck!
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Junior Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 11, 2003
Take the test in August, but turn in your application as early as possible. Don't wait for your scores to come back. That way when you get your scores you'll be done with most of the application process and you can just kick back and wait for the interview invites to start rolling in!


Lovin my life
7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Mar 23, 2004
Bradenton, FL
Everybody is giving the right idea. Take it in August and hope for the best. You dont really need any more than a few months of preparation for the MCAT. Its not really a test that needs to be crammed for for a long time. Just know the basics (and some details, nothing too indepth) of the main subjects and put your thinking cap on for the exam. This exam is mainly to see if you can think for a long period of time... when you're frustrated, tired, and ready to quit, they want you to keep going and see how you do. Because that is essentially what medical school is going to be like.

Also, dont get too stressed about the MCAT. Its only a small part of your application. If you can get a great letter of recommendation from a D.O., with all of your extrac's, you should be fine in the application process.

Hint: Try getting a LOR from a D.O. that graduated from the college you are applying to. If they can see that you have what it takes to be a great D.O. and have what it takes to get through the 4 years they survived, the college will love hearing that from an Ilumni. I attribute a very major part of my acceptance to a great letter from a LECOM graduate.

LECOM - Bradenton Class of 2008 baby!

Dont get too stressed about the MCAT and best of luck to you!
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