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Mar 29, 2021
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Have you spoken to the advisors at your recently attended university?

Also, having attended medical school abroad, whether it be Caribbean or just another country, and having dropped out or withdrawn from it will look bad when you apply and you may potentially be screened out at most, if not all, places from what I have been told by my advisors at my university (T30 school). What was your reason for withdrawing from the former medical school?
I would argue, albeit not impossible, but will be the biggest hurdle in the world to overcome during the application process where you will be asked a lot of questions, etc. for it. I would advise applying broadly regardless of MCAT score, including broadly to DO schools.
I attended a med school abroad, didn’t finish it. Then went to a community college as a transfer student, they transferred a few courses from that foreign school that show 3 Cs and 1 B in the transcript, but college counted it as just CR (credit) grades.
I went on to a 4 year Uni and now In my AMCAS application, I realized that I need to input these credits. I’m so upset, does it mean these grades will be included in the GPA? Or AMCAS will skip these credits since they are CR?
I got all As in my undergrad in the US and am really freaking out rn
AMCAS does not accept foreign transcripts. They will accept credit awarded by a US or Canadian college. Input into your AMCAS transcript exactly what your US university transcript lists, namely CR. This will not have an effect on your AMCAS GPA if the original grades are not on your US college transcript and the credits are not Canadian (if I’m understanding you correctly). If they are Canadian, you will need to list all thise grades and submit that school’s transcript also, but in that case they would probably not be considered “undergraduate-level grades.”

Did you have a transcript translation service assess your foreign transcript (like WES or similar)?
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