Hey McMaster med students!

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Aug 22, 2002
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I am applying this year and really could use some tips on the autobiographical sketch. My grades are good enough I believe (3.7), so it all comes down to the autobiographical sketch. I only ask because I am out of province(Alberta) and male. Both are minorities at McMaster. However, I would love to go there. I have majored in pscyhology for 3 years and would like to get into medicine to practice psychiatry or neurology. I hear McMaster is the best school to apply to if I don't have a traditional pre-med background. I also feel that the PBL approach would work very well for me. I have read up quite a bit on it and feel it is what I am looking for.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am not looking for anyone to answer them for me, just maybe any tips or hints on things to say or not to say. Thanks so much.
You can answer on this forum or just email me at [email protected] or [email protected]


Below are the questions.

1. Why do you want to study medicine instead of pursuing another career?

2. How has your understanding of health care issues in Canada influenced your choice of career?

3. How has your understanding of the role of physician in society impacted on your career choice?

4. What does the McMaster undergraduate medical program have to offer you?

5. What do you have to offer the McMaster undergraduate medical program and your fellow students?

6. What is your understanding of self-directed learning? Provide evidence that you have the skills to study medicine at McMaster.

7. What is your understanding of problem-based learning? How do your think it will facilitate your study of medicine at McMaster?

8. Provide evidence of your ability to learn in a small group. How will this enhance your study of medicine at McMaster?

9. How do you know when you have learned enough without relying on external standards?

10. How have you given of yourself to the benefit of others over the last several years? (specify role(s) and duration)

11. Provide evidence of your ability to cope with conflict.

12. Describe the multiple demands in your life, and how you keep them in perspective.

13. What does time management mean to you?

14. Elaborate on the lesson(s) learned from a significant failure in your life.

15. Justify why you should receive an interview at McMaster.