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    I am a bit confused. (As usual :p )

    High yield means - highly examinable in USMLE I or II . Am I right ??

    High Yield series is another thing, which does not mean stuff in these books are necessorily going to be highly examinable ??

    Thank you .
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    High yield does indeed mean that the material covered is likely to be included on Step 1.

    The High Yield series does indeed include High Yield material - now it may not be the exact same stuff you see in First Aid for the Boards because there is a lot of material, different ways to present it, and different questions/topics covered every year. However, these are also generally good resources for Step 1 and 2.
  3. OP


    Makes sense to me now, Thanks Kimberly.

    I am going to get High Yield Biochem and Pharm as well. I already have Behav sc & I liked the well summarised format.


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