Histology of oat cell carcinoma

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Aug 30, 2016
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The Kulchitsky cells are seen as "small dark blue cells". Why are they dark blue? Is this due to a stain or are they "naturally" blue?

This is something very fundamental but I still haven't bothered finding out the answer until now - when certain lesions are described as being blue, gray or whatever is this the result of a stain (that's so obvious that it does not require a mention) or just naturally occuring? All specimens are stained, though, aren't they? Even peripheral blood smears?

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yes most of the specimens which we see are stained ,unless we stain them we cant see(few exceptions). Regarding oat cell ca,they dont naturally appear blue itz due to the stain that they retain make them appear so
"Oat cell" is outdated and no longer used, my friend. Please call it small cell.
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