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Apr 1, 2005
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I'm trying to drum up support for a forum dedicated to hospice and palliative medicine. Here's my request to the SDN administrator:
The suggestion has been made to locate the forum in the graduate-topics area.

As I stated in my initial request to the admin, I personally have next to no experience with the subject matter; I chose hospice volunteering as my first step on the road to med school (I'm a nontrad and planning to start a post-bacc in Fall 07). I know there are a few SDNers out there with palliative-care fellowships and many more with experience/interest in hospice work, and I believe this could be a great way for those of us (me!) with little experience to learn from others more knowledgeable. If any of you would like to lend your support to this effort, either by letting the admin know of your interest or simply by contributing to the forum if/when it opens, I'd be very grateful!